Political Theater on Immigration

Josh Marshall has been all over the immigration dishonesty from the get-go. Ron Brownstein's piece is terrific, but unless I'm mistaken the key new nugget is what Jonathan Singer picked up, that the hard-line immigrants-as-felons piece which ended up in the Sensenbrenner legislation came from the White House.

This is remarkable, since it suggests that the 'debate', which just exploded on queue, was orchestrated by a political apparatus playing both sides of the fence simply for dramatic effect.  Now, this could simply be a case where the administration had internal debates and both sides were represented, and as I don't have sources inside the White House, I don't know what really happened there. But I'd sure be mad if I were a reporter covering the issue.  Talk about a loss of credibility; not only will the administration lie for partisan purposes, but it will engage in multi-layered deceptions to play out political theater designed to generate wedge issues.  What contempt for the press, and the public.

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