Immigrants Stand Up Against Right-wing Racism

When you hear rants about illegal immigrants, remember Jose Gutierrez.

In 1995, Jose Gutierrez was a 14-year-old orphan in Guatemala when he decided to do what 700,000 other Guatemalans had done -- enter the United States illegally. Two thousand miles and 14 freight trains later, Gutierrez crossed the border. He was promptly arrested by the Border Patrol. Being a minor and without a family, he was spared deportation and turned over to California's welfare system. He spent the next four years in foster homes, learning English, attending and graduating high school, getting his medical needs taken care of by the public-health system. As the lexicon of neo-flag-wavers would put it, Gutierrez was freeloading on the American taxpayer.

When he turned 18, Gutierrez got himself a green card. He planned to be an architect. Not quite having the means yet, in 2002 he joined the Marines. A year later he found himself shipping off to Kuwait. And in the first hours on the first day of the Iraq invasion, he was killed on the outskirts of Umm Qasr, just inside the Iraqi border. He was the first of 2,322 Americans (so far) to be killed in the war. He is, as the lexicon of neo-flag-wavers likes to say, a hero, a patriot, among America's finest.

There are many problems with the way we are fighting terrorism.  Being insufficiently nasty towards people who seek the American dream, and are willing to sacrifice for it, is not one of them.

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Re: Immigrants Stand Up Against Right-wing Racism

This is the new civil rights movement--complete with mass protests and racist demagogues--and Republicans, bless their black hearts, are again on the wrong side. (Let's hope George Allen, not McCain, is the Republican nominee.) Democrats should be able use this issue to become the majority party for the next century, but don't count on it.

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Keep thinking

Of course, there are millions of illegal aliens who are not similar.

And, should this site really be supporting those who want to enter this country illegally?

As long as there are illegal aliens, those illegal aliens will be much more likely to suffer not just worker abuse but workplace deaths.

There are only two solutions to that: make anyone who comes here a citizen, or enforce our immigration laws.

The same goes for the border deaths. It's not those who want to enforce our immigration laws that are responsible on our side for those deaths, it's those who oppose our immigration laws. Millions of people know that they can come here and live as illegal aliens, and they'll receive protection from "liberals" and corrupt businesses. That encourages them to come, and some die trying.

If our immigration laws were enforced, fewer would try to come, and there would be fewer border deaths, fewer cases of worker abuse, and fewer cases of workplace deaths or injuries.

Please, think this whole subject through.

by TheLonewackoBlog 2006-04-11 09:04AM | 0 recs
Re: Immigrants Stand Up Against Right-wing Racism

That was a good piece Gilliard cobbled together, thanks for the cross-post.

Puts proper things into perspective.

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Re: Immigrants Stand Up Against Right-wing Racism

I'm all for immigrant bashing.  Let's start with the English and then we'll get the Dutch.  My name is Crazy Horse.  I was discussing the immigration problem only last eventing with Sitting Bull.  He said that a good close hair cut should convince them to go back to where they came from.  I agree.

Colonel Custer was heard to say, "where did all those bleeping Indians come from?"  That compelling question can now be answered, out of their mommies bellies just like everyone else.  And they were already here too, not coming from anywhere.

So be more careful about immigrant bashing.  You might end up bashing yourself.

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Re: Immigrants Stand Up Against Right-wing Racism

I'm not sure what this man's life has to do with racism. People should know that it was not the Democrats who pushed through civil rights, it was the Republicans. Al Gore's father filibustered against the Civil Rights Act as did former KKK member Senator Robert Byrd.

Having said that, I live in Dallas, am a hard-core conservative, but I have a little different take on the situation.

First off, I want us to build a double fence from San Diego to the mouth of the Rio Grande and patrol it with soldiers, helicopters, and unmanned spy planes.

However, I have done church work with some who were illegal immigrants, I have seen the conditions of the poor in Ciudad Juarez, and I have to empathize with them. They have no hope over there. If I ask myself what I would do if I lived in such grinding poverty and couldn’t feed my family, I have to say that I would get to the US as quickly as I could.

I’m against blanket amnesty, but once the borders are closed I think that something can be done to assimilate the illegal immigrants into society and make English fluency compulsory in order to gain citizenship. Those who can’t do that should be shipped back down to Mexico where they apply for immigration legally.

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