Keep in the Vote Strategy

Kevin Phillips offers one way to reach evangelical voters.

Professor Blackton and Amy Sullivan have ideas as to how the Democrats might reach more Southern evangelicals. Perhaps, but the liberal faction among the Southern Baptists has not proved very successful at overthrowing the conservative leadership. It might be interesting to consider what Machiavelli might advise. In the 1920s, the southern fundamentalists tended to drop out of politics after being mocked in the national debate over the Scopes trial in 1925r.  Conceivably the religious conservative vote for GOP Bush-backers in Dixie might be depressed even Bush starts to look more and more like an embarrassing bumbler. Parenthetically, when Bush was at the City Club in Cleveland on Monday, someone in the audience cited my book  and asked whether  Bush would comment on how he felt about  the relevance of the Apocalypse to the current-day Mideast. He spent five minutes evading the issue and the word. He has to. If he has to talk about these things, he'll lose a lot of people,  and if he ducks, true-believers may start to wonder.

I think part of the problem here is that in attempting to reach evangelicals we fail to assume the reality of the modern white evangelical movement.  Right-wing white evangelicals are weak people who want authoritarian rule.  They aren't all bad people, but they are weak and give in to their worst impulses.  Though many are personally kind, their proxies destroy, pillage, and annihilate in the name of theocracy.  Their leadership is thoroughly corrupted, wedded to Mammon, and they will not hold their leaders accountable for leading them astray.

They should stay out of politics, and focus on their own sins rather than those they see in others.  Now I assume I'm going to get standard bitching about this post, but please note I said 'right-wing' and 'white', and not 'religious people'.  

I am religious, but I'm not crazy and I don't want to hurt people in the name of my faith.  

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