Bush's Latest Revenue Scheme

I've been harping quite a bit lately on the rapidly emerging evidence that the Bush administration has recognized that their tax cut and borrow economic policies are failing the nation. Rather than rolling back or even delaying some of the more obvious tax cuts, the administration has decided to dig for change in the nation's seat cushions, with proposals like charging northeastern states more money to use the Amtrak right-of-ways they're already paying for and reducing the allowable deduction for donating clothes to charity.

The latest effort may be my favorite though, as it neatly ties in with Bush's loyalty to corporate interests and pitiful environmental policies. Rather than funding education through federal tax revenue, the Bush administration is seeking to sell off national forests to fund rural schools.

Forest Service officials and Western lawmakers battled Tuesday over an administration proposal that would sell national forest lands to help pay for a rural schools program, as the vital 30-day public comment period began. ...

President Bush's 2007 budget proposed to fund payments over five years to counties under the Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act by selling off up to $800 million worth of National Forest System lands.

It's a great narrative to talk about the selling of America, showing how Republicans have been selling out Congress to the highest bidder. But this goes even further, literally selling off precious American resources to make up revenue lost due to egregious tax cuts for the wealthy. Simply put, monied interests have bullied weak Republicans into holding a fire sale on the public commons. Some Western Republicans may be complaining about this proposal, but it's the end product of the corrupt system they've helped to nurture for years and years. What did they expect?

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Re: Bush's Latest Revenue Scheme

Well you can blame DLC democrats for brow-beating democrats into not waging "class-warfare" so they're afraid to bring attention to this sort of thing. Oh and you can blame the Democratic party for listening to them.

When's the last time the party spokespeople actually mentioned the word "greedy" and/or "monied interests" when describing the republicans and their allies?

Go back and read some newspapers from the 30s and 40s (when Democrats actually ran things) and see the type of speeches Democrats gave, from representatives to the president and even the cabinent members inbetween. The contrast between what the parties believed in was starkly defined by the Democrats.

Now because over the last 20 years we've run away from drawing economic contrasts between us and the republicans, people do not automatically have a partisan explanation for this land sale. They wouldn't automatically think "those damn republicans, screwing us over again because they've f-upped the economy because they'd rather help out a billionare than the working man"

so until we can get a coherent, go-for-the-gut narrative throughout the party infrastructure, I am not sure how we will capitalize on these sorts of things.

Same thing as with the mine-safety hearings.

by adamterando 2006-03-02 11:47AM | 0 recs
Re: Bush's Latest Revenue Scheme-just more looting

The Bushies continue their campaign to "flush government down the toilette" and to pillage the public treasury at the same time. Everything they do is focused on destroying government by destroying faith in it. The calculated failures of FEMA, mine safety oersight and environmental protection are simply fuel for their fires. And the excuse they use is that "government" is the failure, not the administration's running of it. Meanwhile, as they destroy government, they rob the treasury. FEMA's incompetance is resulting in huge outlays to administration insiders. No doubt this giveaway of federal lands will turn out to be another thinly veiled transfer of the people's assets to well-connnected private pockets. Any Democrat who dosen't cry foul, and put the issues in terms of economic and political class war must be on their side. What other explanation is there?

by MikeNormal 2006-03-02 12:02PM | 0 recs
Re: Bush's Latest Revenue Scheme

darn straight, weatherunderground - I think the catch-phrase they used was the "moneyed interests" .  . .

Edwards starts to get into that kind of language a little bit -

I want to point out for discussion, though - something like 80% of the land in Utah is owned by the federal government, and even more of Nevada.  I'm not convinced that's necessary (and tons of folks out West aren't, either) - but all Bush will do is sell it to his friends in the moneyed class and they'll strip-mine the shit out of it . . .

by Mississippi Scott 2006-03-02 04:42PM | 0 recs
Re: Bush's Latest Revenue Scheme

Good job, Matt, and good linking, too.

by JMBell 2006-03-02 05:20PM | 0 recs


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