Independent Expenditure Totals For All Party Committees In 2006

Here is a treat for all you political junkies out there: the complete independent totals for 2006 in every congressional race, both House and Senate, for all party committees combined: DNC, RNC, NRCC, DCCC, DSCC and NRSC. Check it out:

Independent Expenditure Totals For All Party Committees In 2006

Kombiz sent this to me last night, and deserves a ton of credit for this. The bigger MyDD becomes, and the more projects we engage in, the more we continue to need help from members of the MyDD community. This blog is becoming more and more of a group effort all the time.

Here are some items of note from the totals:
  • In the House, about 93% of all money was spent on Republican held seats. In the Senate, about 83% of all money was spent on Republican held seats. These totals might only increase during the final weekend.
  • Republicans actually spent a slightly higher percentage of their funds on defense, 90.3%, than Democrats spent on the attack, 88.4%. This is because the DSCC spent nearly 20% of their funds on defense.
  • The Missouri Senate race has had the most independent expenditures in the entire nation, with $19.6M. The Ohio Senate race comes in second at $15.3M. Tennessee is a distant third at $10.5M. Missouri really is where the Senate will be decided. Also, while Republican committees really were running a firewall strategy in those three states, Democratic committees actually matched them dollar for dollar in those competitions.
  • The CA-50 is still the race with the most expenditures in the entire nation, at $7.1M. The top ten are PA-06 ($6.2M), NM-01 ($5.6M), PA-07 ($5.2M), FL-22 ($5.2M), OH-18 ($5.0M), PA-08 ($4.8M), CT-05 ($4.8M), IL-06 ($4.6M), and IN-09 ($4.5M). Those ten races actually account for around 37% of all spending on House races.
  • The House races where Republicans have most outspent Democrats are: CA-50 ($2.8M), IL-08 ($2.2M), FL-22 ($1.8M), TX-22 ($1.5M), CO-04 ($1.5M), OH-18 ($1.5M), FL-16 ($1.3M), CT-02 ($1.2M), IN-09 ($1.2M), PA-08 ($1.1M), KY-03 ($1.1M), NC-11 ($1.1M), and PA-07 ($1.0M)
  • The House races where Democrats have most outspent Republicans are: CO-07 ($987K), IN-02 ($842K), OH-15 ($697K), NV-03 ($593K), and GA-12 ($432K).
Fascinating stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

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Re: Independent Expenditure Totals For All Party C

What exactly does "Independent Expenditure" mean in this context? Does it mean "donated by a party committee, rather than the candidate"? Or does it mean "donated by anyone at all, rather than the candidate"?

In other words, do the "all independent expenditures" figures here include donations by private individuals not affiliated with either a party committee or the candidate?

To me the most interesting thing on here is that "total" figure at the bottom, of $222,884,397 spent anywhere by anyone. That's like, what, one fifty-thousandth of the GDP? And that doesn't include money spent in governor's races, ballot initiatives, etc. I'm now finding myself very curious what the total amount of money spent trying to influence anything in this election was.

by Silent sound 2006-11-02 11:16AM | 0 recs


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