Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Call Ultra-safe Democrats in your sate, and ask them to continue giving.

Barney Frank is donating more than 30% of his September 30th cash on hand this week. This is after he had already donated a lot more than that before September 30th. He could have stopped giving, but he didn't. He has released a statement on his website explaining why: Frank To Donate Over $250,000 In New Funds To The Democratic Party And Democratic Candidates (October 23, 2006)

In light of the ongoing discussions regarding the importance of financial support from unopposed incumbent Democrats for fellow Democratic candidates, I thought I would give a brief update of my own efforts in this area. While I have throughout the current election cycle placed a high priority on providing financial assistance to the party - including, for example, contributing to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) an amount in excess of my $300,000 "dues" - I am now able to substantially increase my level of donations, and this month I am adding over $250,000 to my previous total of more than $1.1 million raised or contributed.

It became clear following the September 19th Massachusetts primary election that I would have no opposition in the general election (the Republican candidate running against me failed to obtain a sufficient number of write-in votes in the primary, thus becoming ineligible to appear on the general election ballot). Because of this development, and because my fundraising has been successful, I am now in a position to do more. Last week, I contributed an additional $55,000, divided roughly evenly between the DCCC and 15 Democratic House candidates on the "Red to Blue" priority list. This week, I am contributing an additional $200,000 (the bulk going directly to the DCCC, and a significant amount to an additional group of Red to Blue candidates).

With the addition of these new funds, the combined amount I have raised for, or contributed to, the Democratic Party or individual candidates will exceed $1.4 million, including approximately $500,000 in direct contributions to the DCCC, over $620,000 raised for the DCCC, about $240,000 for Red to Blue candidates, and tens of thousands of dollars for other incumbents who need some help. These totals do not include the contributions from several recent fundraisers for Democratic challengers in which I was involved, or several others in which I am participating in the next two weeks, so the total will continue to rise. Well done, Congressman Frank! Barney Frank is doing what it takes to capitalize on our extraordinary political environment, help fully-fund all of our 50-60 competitive challenges to Republican held seats. His contribution to this effort will not be forgotten, and will not slip by without reward. He deserves our praise, and our support.

Continue calling other ultra-safe Democratic House incumbents in your state. We need to fully fund this new political reality where we have over fifty competitive challengers. Also, we want to be able to sing their praises too.

Update: Adam Schiff pledges $160K! Thank you Congressman Schiff. It isn't the entire amount we were looking for, but it is still good. Statement coming on Thursday. Keep making calls.

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Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

We don't have any safe Democratic incumbents in Indiana, but I'd still like to help.  I'm thinking of calling incumbents in neighboring states, especially Illinois, and pointing them to the 4 pickup opportunities in this state.  Any thoughts on the best approach there?

Are any of the Illinois canidates up for nice committee positions if the Democrats achieve majority?  That seems like something worth pointing out when making these calls.

by Neogaidaros 2006-10-24 10:09AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

When you're done calling your incumbent Dems and asking them to help out, make sure you call or email Barney Frank and thank him for his great generosity.

by Fran for Dean 2006-10-24 10:11AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Does this make Neal, Markey Meehan think. Frank is already popular with Mass Dem primary voters. I am thinking of rounding up a possy to go to Markey campaign office to demand the money.

by Democraticavenger 2006-10-24 10:13AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

you deserve our praise too, Chris.

by BooMan 2006-10-24 10:20AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

I've just called Barney's office and left him a message thanking him for giving so generously, and also on a great job on the Bill Maher show - he kicked ass. He makes me very proud to be from MA, and I really hope he runs for Senate; he'd be great.

As far as the other miserly MA reps, any thoughts on anything else I can do besides calling their offices? I just keep getting the same old 'we've already given a lot' line.

by Sustainability 2006-10-24 10:22AM | 0 recs

Contact Hilly-Billy, and get her to donate more of the huge pile of cash she collected all year to fend off her "dangerous opponent".

One thing Chris doesn't note in this campaign of his is how many of these folks are allies of upcoming opponents of Hilly-Billy. These piles of cash being held to help them counteract her huge 2008 war chest (which she ain't exactly giving up for the team, like Chris is demanding of these folks).

In the case of MA, it's pretty obvious this money is intended for JFK the lesser. I certainly don't want that guy in again, but I'm nauseated by the fact that Chris doesn't mention his little crusade is basically also going to lock in Hilly-Billy's money superiority.

by ElitistJohn 2006-10-24 03:49PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Kick ass!

by Demrock6 2006-10-24 10:24AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Keep the pressure up on those who use thier warchest to advance thier own narrow personal interests rather than furthering real change.  Politics needs to be about more than politicians, it needs to be about real policy that affects real people.  In 2006 we have a chance for real change.  Chris Bowers is absolutely right to prod the safe incumbents to do thier part.  These guys never hesitate to ask ordinary people for a small (or large) donation.  It's our right to ask that they use it (just some of it) for something more important than thier personal ambition.

by howardpark 2006-10-24 10:26AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Kudos to the next Chairman of the Financial Services Committee!!

Is there any similar parallel effort on the Senate side?  I could dig up a lot of FEC data today.

by Sandwich Repairman 2006-10-24 10:33AM | 0 recs
My E-Mail to Meehan

I'm a Meehan constituent.  I haven't been able to get through to campaign office by phone, so I sent this:

Dear Congressman,
I am a constituent of yours, living at X XXXXXXX Road in XXXXXXXXXX.  I've attended your town meetings in XXXXXXXXXX a couple of times with my little 82-year-old mother; you may remember me.
I am writing because I have been unable to reach your Tewksbury campaign headquarters by phone, and I want to ask you to contribute more of your campaign's cash-on-hand to the cause of electing a strong Democratic majority to the House two weeks from today.
I won't waste your time restating what a historic opportunity the Democrats have in this cycle to install a majority in the House that could last for years to come.  I'm sure you've heard the argument already, and I doubt you disagree with it.
What I will say here is that I won't support you in 2008 Senate primary if you do not act to help Democrats make the most of their 2006 opportunity.  As things stand right now, I will promote, contribute to, and vote for another candidate.  On the other hand, if you do respond to the current challenge by donating at least a million dollars of your CoH to the national 2006 campaign, I will promote, contribute to, and vote for you.
Let me note that I am writing to you not as a result of the MoveOn campaign, but as a result of Chris Bowers's original posting of the "Use It Or Lose It" campaign on the blogs MyDD and Daily Kos.  I am a grizzled veteran of these blogs, having been a reader of both since 2002, long before anybody in the mainstream ever heard of them.  As such, I will keep both communities informed of your response to constituent requests like mine.
I hope this letter doesn't come off as overly demanding -- I have voted for you in every election I could (the last three) and I intend to stay in XXXXXXXXXX for years to come, so I hope I have the right to at least make my position as a constituent clear to you.
Finally, let me thank you for your long service to my community and to our nation.  I am very proud to be represented by you... but I want you to know I could be even prouder.
Thank you for your time,

If I hear back I'll post here.

by Irfo 2006-10-24 10:34AM | 0 recs
Re: My E-Mail to Meehan

Meehan's local voicemailbox is apparently full, but I got through to his D.C. office just a while ago (202-225-3411).

by Sustainability 2006-10-24 10:48AM | 0 recs
Re: My E-Mail to Meehan

Good email.

Each office processes email and snail mail differently--it's quite possible that yours will be read this week.

by Sandwich Repairman 2006-10-24 10:57AM | 0 recs
Re: My E-Mail to Meehan

I realize that.  I tried by phone this morning at about 9:30, but got four rings and then "the mailbox for this extension is full, please call back later."

So this was the best I could do until I get a chance to try a call again later.

by Irfo 2006-10-24 10:50AM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

I don't know if anyone else has heard this yet, but I just got off the phone with Congressman Rangle's office, and was told that he gave a $100,000 check to the DCCC yesterday. He hasn't issued a statement about it and he won't, because apparently, that's not his style. I was told that he has been giving generously all along and will continue to do so. He does, however, support this campaign, and thinks we're doing good work and that we should keep making the phone calls to those who are not being as generous.

I also called Nadler's campaign office and got a 'voice mailbox is full' message. When I called his DC office, I didn't get much farther, basically told to call the campaign office for political issues. The guy who answered the phone did tell me that he could contact the campaign office and tell them to clean out their voicemail. I was looking for the address for the campaign offices so I could drop by and deliver my message in person, but all I can find is a PO Box. Does anyone out there know where Nadler's Manhattan campaign office is? Something tells me that voice mailbox is going to be full for some time.

by Iphie 2006-10-24 12:06PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Check the DCCC website.

by Sandwich Repairman 2006-10-24 01:08PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Ed Markey's office number is 781-395-3880 (not on list).  Talked with someone there (at least they answer the phone unlike Meehan's office where mailbox is full) and he kept emphasizing that Markey is in the top 10 of Dems giving and helping other candidates.  He also said that Markey's district includes both poor and rich (Lexington and Winchester)and what would happen if some rich Rep decided to finance his own campaign vs Markey.  I pointed out the good publicity Adam Schiff has gotten for giving about 10% but then I got tired of hearing about how much Markey has done for others.

by ssm33 2006-10-24 01:37PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Hurray for Barney for setting a great example! I just received word from Jane Harman's office that she will be sending $50,000 to the DCCC this week. Every bit helps....

by misterbee 2006-10-24 03:24PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Did I read this right? ummary.asp?cid=N00007382

Does Tom Lantos have $1M+ cash on hand? I tried calling his local office, there was no answer. -TJ

by genwah 2006-10-24 05:23PM | 0 recs
Re: Use It Or Lose It: Barney Frank Comes Through

Yeah, corroborates that; as of Sept. 30, Lantos is sitting on $1.4M.  And his district is right below Pelosi's!  I'm sure he'd love to chair International Relations and have his fellow Californian as Speaker...

by Sandwich Repairman 2006-10-24 06:17PM | 0 recs
My email to Frank

Congressman Frank,

Thank you so much for helping your fellow Democrats (even more than you already were)! As you know, us little folks do everything we can to get our candidates elected (I'm in NJ-05, so we have a real uphill battle), many of us spending more time and money than we can afford. Not only does your dedication make it hurt a little less, but it gives us hope.

Please add me to your email list and know that you can count on me ANY time there's a way I can help from all the way down here in New Jersey.

Thanks again.

by Sidd Finch 2006-10-24 05:27PM | 0 recs


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