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I am in the middle of preparing a major campaign. Matt and Jonathan also seem occupied. In the meantime, use this thread to tell the world what is on your mind.

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Sex. Not with pages though.

by crazymoloch 2006-10-19 01:15PM | 0 recs
Re: Open Thread
I've been lookin to the Appalachian Voices blog for news on the environment, culture, and politics of the central/southern Appalachians.
by faithfull 2006-10-19 01:16PM | 0 recs
Re: Open Thread

Mets-Cards tonite.

by global yokel 2006-10-19 01:18PM | 0 recs
Re: Open Thread

After much careful research and contemplative deliberation, I have to conclude that Republicans do, in fact, suck.

by Johnny Gentle Famous Crooner 2006-10-19 01:30PM | 0 recs
GOP sucks

That's funny as I was just reading that one of our (Portland, OR) alt weeklies came to the same conclusion: CoverArt?oid=oid%3A73227

by Tiparillo 2006-10-19 02:47PM | 0 recs
Whipsaw Holy Joe

I even have a megalomaniac scheme:

Beat Holy Joe.
Beat him bad.

by stevehigh 2006-10-19 01:31PM | 0 recs
Re: Open Thread
Saw something on Hardball about a new nonpartisan political website called It was put together by some insiders. Here is what they say about themselves. is the first online community that joins Opinion Drivers from across the spectrum. The community connects well-known influencers from the worlds of politics, business, religion, and popular culture with influencers who drive opinion at the grassroots and community levels. Harnessing the power of social networking technology, levels the playing field by giving anyone and everyone a voice in how America's institutions can work better.
This site will undoubtedly be a joke. When I heard about the first thing that came to mind was what will be it's nickname?

by Patrick Kennedy 2006-10-19 01:38PM | 0 recs

by Tiparillo 2006-10-19 02:49PM | 0 recs
"Read it here first"

This is intrigung..somewhat. The group seems long on hype and short on delivery.  

So they announced this effort in early July with an planned October release and it's still not active?  These few days before the election are its best chance to draw traffic--and it's sitting idle.  This doesn't bode well for its future.

Here's a pretty good explanation of the site:

by sawgrass727 2006-10-19 07:00PM | 0 recs
Re: Open Thread
Your Congressional Wire Transfer campaign got mentioned in today's Hotline On Call Blogometer, and it looks like they like your idea.
by Fran for Dean 2006-10-19 01:38PM | 0 recs
Profile on FDL of young superstar

Pach has the newest hero from the field up at FDL:

Blue Army: Meet Major General George Stern

I've worked with him many times since we first met two years ago...  when he was 16.

He's awsome.   He's going to be Governor of New Jersey in 2040.

by dereau 2006-10-19 02:08PM | 0 recs
Re: Profile on FDL of young superstar

Better grab the website address, now.

by danielj 2006-10-19 04:22PM | 0 recs
Vegas press now exploring Gibbons assault story

Here's the front page of Las Vegas Sun online. Note the top three current stories are regarding the Gibbons episode from last Friday night, when a woman charged him with assault then failed to press charges a day later due to his status:

The related diaries plunge on Kos with maybe a dozen or fewer comments so apparently not much national interest, but this is a bizarre story that could impact this race. The woman said she was pushed up against a parking garage wall by Gibbons and he made an unwanted sexual advance. Supposedly Gibbons is scared enough of the story that he's taking the press back to the scene for a walk-thru recreation of his tame version this afternoon. Titus has been lagging in the womens vote so these claims are particularly significant in that regard.

The final debate is Friday night.

by Gary Kilbride 2006-10-19 02:53PM | 0 recs
An Officer and a Gentleman

I just watched Gibbons' BS press conference. Predictably he stumbled through a prepared statement, claiming total innocence and in fact trying to portray himself a chivalrous hero by helping the woman regain her balance after she stumbled. Likely story. He used the officer and a gentleman tag himself.

Gibbons says he helped her up and she walked away without saying a word. Slight difference from her version, in which she claims he grabbed her with both hands, pushed her up against a wall, told her she had two options, and then mocked her for saying she survived cancer. She says she told him to, "Go fuck yourself," before running off to make the 911 call.

Naturally, Gibbons refused to answer questions at the press conference. His attorney turned into a high decibel and unappealing attack dog, claiming the timing was politically motivated and saying he had no choice but to refuse to allow Gibbons to answer questions since the woman has retained an attorney herself.

This race has the potential to be incredibly frustrating. It goes right along with the 50 state strategy that Chris Bowers emphasized yesterday, and often. If anyone had the potential to implode it was Jim Gibbons. That should have been well known to the Democratic gubernatorial committee, and polling de-emphasized. Gibbons has been shielded from the media all year by his handlers since he's a gaffe-prone mediocrity with penchant to flub even the most basic question. Once other gov races like Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio and Massachusetts turned unexpectedly into routs, it's disgusting we underfunded and basically ignored the Nevada race.

by Gary Kilbride 2006-10-19 04:07PM | 0 recs
Re: An Officer and a Gentleman

Not to mention that the Democrat in the race is a solid progressive who has been campaigning all over rural Nevada.

Some polls: amp;race=governor_race

It should also be noted that the woman was obviously very drunk (as evidenced by the 911 calls) and Gibbon's explaination is that he was helping her to her car..!??!?!

Gibbons is on the stop DUI committee in Congress...

by mbcarl 2006-10-20 12:06AM | 0 recs

So, lots of excitement lately in Michigan's 7th Congressional District.

It's a "safe" Republican district, but the GOP purged "moderate" Rep. Joe Schwarz and stuck in Tim Walberg, whose platform is cut and pasted from the Club for Growth's website. The Democratic nominee is Sharon Renier.

The first public poll came out, and Renier is only 8 points behind, 43-35, and that's with 77 percent of likely voters not knowing who she is. She's increasing her presence in the district dramatically, with a couple thousand new yard signs (which are already popping up all over the place) and her first radio and television ads.

And then there was the debate. In the second-most conservative county of the district, I was shocked when Tim Walberg (R) was booed by the crowd when asked his position on Iraq. Part of the problem, of course, was that his answer started with "Too easily, we forget 9/11."

Check out Walberg Watch and Michigan Liberal for more.

by Fitzy 2006-10-19 06:18PM | 0 recs
Re: MI-07

Based on your summary of the debate at Mich Lib, I'd have to say that my favorite quote of the night was from the Rethug.  Club for Growth stooge Tim Walberg regarding health care:

"It's absolutely not a right. It's an opportunity," Walberg argued.

That should be posted everywhere in the district.  It's not that wealthy, it's aging (I like nearly all my friends, now say "I used to live in Jackson), and the families that are there are working class, and therefore finding health care more and more expensive.

Seriously, this is a gift from a horse.....'s _

Ad buys with this quote would flip this district.

Tim Walberg says YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE.  "It's absolutely not a right. It's an opportunity."  Walberg's health care is paid for by the State of Michigan.  Do you really want him making decisions about your medical care in Washington?

by The lurking ecologist 2006-10-19 07:39PM | 0 recs

What the hell is going on with the polling here?  Three polls, Gillibrand ahead 44-42, Sweeney ahead 53-39 and Gillibrand ahead 54-41.

by SaratogaProf 2006-10-19 06:19PM | 0 recs


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