Netroots Standing Up

In case you haven't noticed, the netroots have taken huge strides over the past two weeks.  Here's a quick rundown.

The Filibuster - The Senate was flooded with calls during the filibuster, despite a complete lack of leadership from NARAL, PFAW, and the groups.

Glenn Greenwald and the Dewine Amendment - Glenn Greenwald uncovered the fiasco of the Dewine amendment, which got major media coverage and substantially advanced the story on wiretapping.  He is now blogging questions for the Judiciary Committee, here and here.

Jane Hamsher and the Washington Post - Jane Hamsher led a campaign to force the Washington Post to correct itself on the Abramoff scandal, showcasing the lack of accountability of

The MyDD poll - Chris Bowers led the first open source polling operation ever, funded and designed by you.  This data revealed that there is no national consensus behind the Iraq war, the failure of the Homeland Security's persuasive authority, as well as partisan attitudes behind security concerns.  (And there's more to come.)

SOTU parody - James Adomian released a hilarious SOTU parody, which has been seen 160,000 times so far (44,000 times on our internal host, before we moved it too youtube).

TV Blowhards - We've waged hard-hitting campaigns against Chris Matthews and Tim Russert, tarnishing their credentials as legitimate journalists and challenging the media establishment to examine the unaccountable pundits who grow fat off of spewing dishonest nonsense on TV.  Russert has engaged in a smear campaign against Arianna Huffington after she revealed conflicts of interest on Meet the Press, and Matthews retracted his statements and spent a few days pretending he and Michael Moore were journalistic buddies.

And now we're exploring action against Lieberman.

Congrats.  We're going to change the party.  We're going to do it, because we are doing it.

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Re: Netroots Standing Up

This is what the Far right has been doing all along to perpetuate the "Liberal Media" myth.  It's about time that Progressives start fighting back!

The Extremist Rantings Of A Mainstream Progressive

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Re: Netroots Standing Up

Psst. The firedoglake URL is wrong. It's blogspot, not blogpost.

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Re: Netroots Standing Up

I live in CT and and believe me I will do whatever I have to fight against Lieberman, what a traitor to his country!  This should have been an easy vote, instead he votes no for Alito and yes for Cloture, which just cancelled out his no vote!

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Re: Netroots Standing Up

Yes, we need to stand up.  We need to kick NARAL's ass, too.  Lieberman and the supposed organizations hitting us up for money and not doing shit or worse yet - supporting Bush.  

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Re: Netroots Standing Up
I was so upset at NARAL! I called them they transferred me to a mail box. Now I'm pissed.
 I intend to work to retire Joe faux Democrat Lie-berman.
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Anyone know how we did

with all the phone calls and faxes this weekend to the Senators offices?  I'd feel a WHOLE lot better if we could quantify our efforts...

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Next Challenge

Looking ahead at what the netroots can do, someone needs to set the record straight on John McCain. What if the progressive blogosphere made a concerted effort to point out that McCain is no moderate, and is in fact a hardcore conservative? We can push this all over the blogs, then get it into the media, and really make people examine his voting record. The only question is, would this help him in the GOP primary? How can we take some of the "moderate" luster off of McCain without simultaneously helping him with the conservative base? If he wins the GOP nomination, the White House is his to lose, and we need to start derailing him now.

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Good post.

I find it amazing that I disagree with you all the time but agree with you completely on the most important issues.

The net roots are rocking hard.

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Re: Netroots Standing Up
Amen to this.

Here's an idea, especially for those of us who donate money to any supposedly progressive groups--can't we set up a fundraising apparatus of our own? I don't know the legal aspect of this, so someone would have to clue me in, but doing what we are trying to do does cost money--any thoughts?

Why keep funneling money into all of these different groups to help them fight our battles when we are clearly capable of fighting them on our own?


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Re: Netroots Standing Up

It's hard to feel optimistic at the moment but you are correct. The supertanker is slowly changing course and many bloggers have broken into the wheelhouse to make sure it keeps on turning.

What I find most encouraging is that more and more Democrats are refusing to submit to the ascendency of the Republican Party and the conservative vision for America without a fight.

What I find most discouraging is the active effort being waged by many Democratic leaders to move the party to the right instead of to the left. I just have no interest in supporting those who would not protect individual rights and would support increasing authoritarianism whether they be Democrats or Republicans.

There is a fight for the soul of the party happening and unless we keep up the pressure it will be won by those who believe in Democratic principles only as long as the latest poll supports them. Sure, Republicans are worse but they keep moving right and unless we do something we'll find that the Democratic leadership ten years from now will be voting like the Republicans of today.

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