GOP Pulls Off Corruption Trifecta

It's stunning that so much horrible news can hit all on the same day.  Here's a sampling of some bad news for the GOP running on the wires this afternoon.

Fraud Indictment Expected for Abramoff

Federal prosecutors are seeking bank fraud charges against lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a key figure in investigations involving House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, The Associated Press learned Thursday.

The charges stem from the 2000 purchase by Abramoff and his partners of SunCruz Casinos and the alleged use of a fake wire transfer to defraud two lenders out of some $60 million to finance the deal, according to a federal law enforcement official.
. . .
The partners bought SunCruz, which runs a fleet of gambling boats, from entrepreneur Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis for $147 million in September 2000, but the deal soon fell apart. Amid bitter legal fighting over the sale, Boulis was shot to death five months later in 2001 what police called a hit. The Fort Lauderdale killing has never been solved.

The indictment against Abramoff was expected to charge that he used income from SunCruz to finance political fund-raising activities, including events at private boxes at Washington-area sports venues such as the MCI Center and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the officials said.

GOP Paying Legal Bills of Bush Official

Despite a zero-tolerance policy on tampering with voters, the Republican Party has quietly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide private defense lawyers for a former Bush campaign official charged with conspiring to keep Democrats from voting in New Hampshire.

James Tobin, the president's 2004 campaign chairman for New England, is charged in New Hampshire federal court with four felonies accusing him of conspiring with a state GOP official and a GOP consultant in Virginia to jam Democratic and labor union get-out-the-vote phone banks in November 2002.

A telephone firm was paid to make repeated hang-up phone calls to overwhelm the phone banks in New Hampshire and prevent them from getting Democratic voters to the polls on Election Day 2002, prosecutors allege. Republican John Sununu won a close race that day to be New Hampshire's newest senator.

At the time, Tobin was the RNC's New England regional director, before moving to President Bush's 2004 re-election campaign.
. . .
Since charges were first filed in December, the RNC has spent more than $722,000 to provide Tobin, who has pleaded innocent, a team of lawyers from the high-powered Washington law firm of Williams & Connolly.

FEC Finds Misreporting by DeLay Committee

A federal audit of a fundraising committee founded by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay found that it failed to report more than $300,000 in debts and incorrectly paid for committee activities with money from another DeLay-connected group.
. . .
The FEC found that ARMPAC misreported receipts and the ending cash balance for 2001 activities and the beginning cash-on-hand, receipts, disbursements and ending cash-on-hand for 2002.

ARMPAC also failed to report $322,306 owed to 25 vendors. ARMPAC disclosed the debts in amended reports, the FEC said.

I have a strong feeling that what we're seeing here is the tip of a massive iceburg of corruption that's been growing in the Republican Party for years. If reform is not one of the main rallying cries for the Democratic Party in next year's midterms, I'll be very disappointed.

For more information on Abramoff, Tobin, and ARMPAC, Josh Marshall's work at Talking Points Memo is not to be beat.

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Republican = Failure and Corruption
Republican = Failure and Corruption

Over at The Left Coaster,
Republican = Failure and Corruption

by Gary Boatwright 2005-08-11 12:56PM | 0 recs
it's perfect indeed
if the Republicans knew these scandals were going to become public knowledge, it's easiest for them to do damage control if they all are disclosed at almost the same time.  A person that might note one scandal may get distracted from noticing the others.  Also, the sooner they're disclosed, the sooner they'll be forgotten or considered 'old news' by the public.  I'll bet they'll try to get specific instances of Democratic power abuses published as far seperated in time as they can, so that they can keep telling the public how corrupt Dems are for longer, and also they'll try to get such scandals published at times as close to elections as possible.
by tive 2005-08-11 01:46PM | 0 recs
Corruption 101??
What exactly are they teacing at Republican National Convention workshops?  Keep sending us examples of this stuff.  Perhaps to prevent us from forgetting this stuff, post a running tally with links to previous posts detailing corruption, whenever a new scandal surfaces.
by Pitin 2005-08-11 01:55PM | 0 recs
Reform Agenda
Yeah, that's the thing Newt did to the Dems in '94.  "We will reform the system,"  "we will end the corruption."  That time people bought it.  This time, they've been burned and will be leary.  Democrats need to put forward some real ideas for reform and somehow set in a place a systme that will oversee them if they should gain power (doing it now when out of power puts pressure on the repubs as well.)  

I've noticed that the blogs are quite good at ferreting out the corruption and keeping up the pressure.  maybe if the DNC or the DCCC and DRCC were willing to set up a kind of press/blog oversight advisory council (all on the interenet so it wouldn't cost anything - they'd just agree to address the concerns of said commitee or something, I don't know.)  Anyway, the point is that for anyone to take seriously the notion that politians will reform themselves, I fully expect that the public will want to see them be willing to put their heads on the block.

Nothing would engender trust of the public more then a few public hangings of our own.  

by David in Burbank 2005-08-11 02:30PM | 0 recs
Don't leave out
Bob Taft and investigations into his ethical quagmires! That's not a hat trick, but instead a golden sombrero!
by niq 2005-08-11 02:50PM | 0 recs
Re: Don't leave out
Ohio's GOP has cost Ohio taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars.  By giving Bureau of Workers Compensation state investment money to GOP contributors, Ohio will be paying the penalty for years.  According to today's Columbus Dispatch the investigation into "coingate" and Tom Noe has already cost over $6.7 million.  Wait there is even more corruption!!!

Noe has acknowledged a shortfall of up to $13 million from the coin funds, and the bureau has lost millions on other investments -- including $215 million from a high-risk investment by MDL Capital Management, of Pittsburgh, last year.

by Marie Smith 2005-08-11 05:06PM | 0 recs
The Tom Delay Scandal Document Center
It's been a busy day on the Tom Delay scandal front.  First, Delay sugar daddy and GOP favorite Jack Abramoff was indicted for wire fraud charges. Then, the Federal Election Commission said that Delay's Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee (ARMPAC) may have improperly spent over $200,000.

For details on the latest Delay malfeasance and a complete collection of Delay scandal resources, see:

The Tom Delay Scandal Document Center.

by AvengingAngel 2005-08-11 04:20PM | 0 recs
Is this the same Tom DeLay...
...who will speak at Justice Sunday II?

The sheer hypocrisy of it all is overwhelming.

by KTinOhio 2005-08-11 08:30PM | 0 recs
K Street built the modern GOP
As much as the GOPers want to claim that Jesus and the Amway model built the modern GOP, everyone knows that's bullshit.

The K Street Project has reached its logical peak: a Republican Party so rife with corruption that it's hard to take it all in and understand it without a damned scorecard.

by jcjcjc 2005-08-11 05:21PM | 0 recs
DeLay isn't headed back to congress
I spent tonight with Nick Lampson who is running against Tom DeLay. After OH-02, I am really broke, but I'm going to find a way to get some cash to Lampson. We can't let DeLay buy re-election.
by blogswarm 2005-08-11 07:25PM | 0 recs
Abramoff Arrested
"Abramoff, 46, was arrested in Los Angeles in the late afternoon and was expected to be taken before a U.S. magistrate there on Friday. He was indicted along with Adam Kidan, the former owner of the Dial-a-Mattress franchise in Washington. Kidan, 41, of New York City, will surrender to the FBI here by Friday morning, his attorney, Martin I. Jaffe, said in a written statement."

by RSchewe 2005-08-11 10:16PM | 0 recs
Reform and a Pledge of Decency and Transparency
Dems definitely need to make reform a key part of the agenda. But the message can't just be negative - it must make a positive statement about our values and how we would govern.
by billfrick 2005-08-12 04:45AM | 0 recs
Rohrabacher involved w/ Abramoff?
In the Washington Post story this morning, it noted towards the end that one of my favorite Republican sociopaths in Congress, Dana Rohrabacher either co-signed or was some sort of reference on the Abrahamoff boat loan.

I was communications director for Jim Brandt, Rohrabacher's Democratic opponent in 2004. Dana barely ran a campaign, namely because he is not the mover and shaker he once was in Orange County GOP political circles. We are going again here in 2006 (which is to say, we are going now).

Could this scandal actually expand to encomass Rohrabacher? Could this be the final bit that makes the Orange County GOP just finally cut him loose?

mojo sends

by vanmojo 2005-08-12 07:37AM | 0 recs


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