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I am going to step out for a couple of hours, but here is an open thread.

Also, I am hearing sketchy reports from Tim that the NRCC is making a huge ad buy in OH-02 this weekend because their internal polling shows Hacket within the MoE. These are, really, really shaky reports that are changing all the time. Tim should have a better report on this over at Swing State Project soon.

Update (Scott): Here's that better report from Tim that Chris was talking about. The NRCC ad buy was $285,000 and Hackett is now within 5 points. They're clearly freaking out. Really exciting stuff...

Update (Laddy): The trail of independent expenditures from the NRCC starts. I've posted the expenditures below the fold. They have indicated that they have dropped, or are in the process of dropping a poll, and that the first mailing against Hackett (they tell you the message in the mailing is against Hackett, rather than for Schmidt). It implies that it should hit mail boxes tomorrow, or the day after. Expect more independent expenditures in the next several days, with more mailings and phone calls from out of state to reinforce their smear.

This my friends is how modern Republicans work, a year and a half bitching about Democrats are the party of no, and then with wad of cash they ignore advocating their own policies and go after the Democrat, hoping to derail him, or her. I would bet that part of their mail will reinforce the smear campaign against the patriotism of Hackett.

It's all business decision now, and whatever they can get with their money to make a drive against the people who hold Hackett in positive esteem for his service is worth the price. The fact that they are attacking someone who served bravely in a war they have cheerlead for makes no difference to them. It's a business decision, and every seat a zero sum game, and if they can muddy the waters of patriotism long enough to hold on to a seat it signifies a profit. The decision the NRCC and the national Republicans made is that in a district that is strongly Republican they would rather print a mail piece attacking Hackett, rather than send one out praising Schmidt should be illuminating to anyone who isn't a Republican hack.

NRCC Expenditure :Mail Production This Committee OPPOSES The Following Candidate: HACKETT FOR CONGRESS Office Sought: House of Representatives State: Ohio District: 02 Amount Expended = 15365.99NRCC Expenditure : Survey (Poll) This Committee SUPPORTS The Following Candidate: JEANNETTE SCHMIDT Office Sought: House of Representatives State: Ohio District: 02 Amount Expended = 11335.00

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Woweeeee,woweeee, wow.  If this is true, I am ecstatic for the Hackett campaign and hoping that a big turnout will swing this district.  Party at my place if the impossible happens!
by Mike in Chicago 2005-07-27 04:21PM | 0 recs
You Can't Trust Republicans . . .
Message Idea for the Hackett Campaign --

You Can't Trust Republicans . . . with your tax dollars --

You Can't Trust Republicans . . . to send our troops into battle with the armor, support, and ammuntion they need --

You Can't Trust Republicans . . . to take care of our veterans --

You Can't Trust Republicans . . . with your children's future --

You Can't Trust Republicans . . . to tell the truth about anything --

Short, sharp, and to the point -- pound the hell out of 'em . . .

by ck 2005-07-27 07:30PM | 0 recs
Hackett on HRADBALL with Tweety
Tomorrow evening.

Should get favorable interview from Tweety, who usually has a hard-on for military service.

Don't we all though.

by Sam Loomis 2005-07-27 04:27PM | 0 recs
sorry, broken hand.
by Sam Loomis 2005-07-27 04:27PM | 0 recs
Ohhh... I thought you were parody-ing
the SNL version of Matthews!
by teknofyl 2005-07-27 05:55PM | 0 recs
Any chance the DCCC will respond?
with an ad buy of their own?

Will the NRSC ad buy be positive on Schmitt or negative on Hackett?

Also, is Hackett running many ads.

by Lavoisier1794 2005-07-27 05:00PM | 0 recs
Re: Any chance the DCCC will respond?
Hackett is currently toe-to-toe in paid for by the campaign ads, to the best of my knowledge.


by Tim Tagaris 2005-07-27 05:21PM | 0 recs
We aren't ready for a full launch but we are welcoming new folks that would like to help us to get ready.

What is PoliticalSwitchboard?

Perhaps it is best to say what it isn't

It isn't a money making machine.
It isn't geared toward the center or the right.
It isn't a clique.
It isn't sponsored by Coors(tm)
It isn't a fly-by night site only to disappear tomorrow.
It isn't a Bush apologist site.
It isn't a Kerry apologist site.
It isn't trying to whitewash over a story that looks bad for the dems.
It isn't about limp-wristed, inside the beltway semantics.
It isn't about backing down.
It isn't about reconciling.
It isn't about fear.

It is PoliticalSwitchboard.

by goplies 2005-07-27 05:09PM | 0 recs
problem with domain

As soon as I posted this a small problem with the domain happened but you can still find us at

the domain should be corrected within 24 hours

by goplies 2005-07-27 09:36PM | 0 recs
Exciting stuff!
I just made a contribution to Hackett's campaign through his ActBlue page. My first ever for a congressional candidate.

I really think that a strong showing in OH-02 will do a lot of psychological damage to Republicans. There may even be a few Republican Congressmen out there considering retirement or Democrats considering a run for higher office who might be prodded into action.

by abramcf 2005-07-27 06:14PM | 0 recs
Re: Exciting stuff!
Congratulations.  Welcome to the playing field.  I agree about Ohio.
by goplies 2005-07-27 06:33PM | 0 recs
Primaries are approaching!

In the past week Mark tackled the tough issue of trying to determine how much money Erie County has...or doesn't have. Deadlines have passed and the public has still not seen the county's final 2004 year-end audit from its independent auditor, Deloitte & Touche. Mark held a press conference at Erie County Hall to call for the audit, saying we need to know the 2004 budget deficit numbers in order to have a grasp of the budget for 2005 and 2006.  While Mark's primary opponent was in the news for receiving improper campaign contributions from a major contributor, Mark was talking about the issues that really matter to Erie County residents.  Please click here to read the news release.

Mark is continuing to reach out to voters, going door to door and talking with voters at community events about his vision for new leadership and fiscal discipline.  In recent days he attended a retired steel workers picnic in Blasdell, the Masten Jazz Festival at Martin Luther King Park in Buffalo, Canal Fest in Tonawanda as well as other community events throughout the region. He also spread his message of new leadership and fiscal discipline in Amherst, talking to supporters who gathered at Loughran's Restaurant in Amherst Monday night for a fundraiser for Mark.

With less than 7 weeks until primary day September 13, this is the time for more people to join the campaign. You can really make a difference now in getting Mark's message of responsibility, accountability and common sense out to the public. Here are a few of the ways you can help out:


We are starting to make calls to voters to tell them about Mark and remind them about the decisions we have to make at the polls on September 13. Volunteers can come to our headquarters in Cheektowaga or several other convenient locations. You will be given a list of people to call and a "script" to help you along. Please call headquarters at 683-1828 to sign up for a shift for making calls. We will be doing this from now until election day, and we'll need your help any time!


Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. or ANYTIME that you have available

This is a critical part of the campaign and a key to winning the election. We will be going door to door in districts across the county telling voters about Mark's vision for reform in county government.  Please consider knocking on doors to talk to voters for a few hours this week or weekend. Even if you have never done it before, your help will be greatly appreciated. We canvass only prime Democrats in each district, who regularly vote in each election, so the response should be very receptive. In addition, we have instructions, information and maps printed out to help.  

We will also be doing larger "lit drops," delivering literature about Mark door to door.

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8:00 PM

J.P. Bullfeathers

1010 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo

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5:30-7:30 PM

La Luna Restaurant & Night Club

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Mark Poloncarz for Erie County Comptroller Headquarters:

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Phone: 683-1828

Fax: 683-1838




by goplies 2005-07-27 07:01PM | 0 recs
Can't say I am surprised, other than
at how long it took them. Maybe they are slipping. Meanwhile, we sit around worrying about whether we can make a connection between Karl Rove, Bush's right hand man, and Bush's trustworthiness on other issues. If nothing else, unlike my side, like them or hate them, they think big. Or at least dirty. Why can't we be this dirty with the polls and truth on ourside?
by bruh21 2005-07-27 09:32PM | 0 recs
The War at Home
Was anyone else struck by this quote in the New York Times article ( about Hackett:

"It's a positive thing [his military service] for him," Mr. Hartman, a substance-abuse specialist with a nonprofit group, said after meeting Ms. Schmidt. "But we're not at war here."

This quote could just be the opinion of one conservative, Republican, mid-western, small-town voter or it could reflect the the feelings a vast group of people throughout this country who haven't been personally touched by the war and therefore don't consider us to be at war.  It's as if the only way the war really matters is if it's being fought in southern Ohio.  I was born 30 years after World War II ended and right at the end of the Vietnam war but I always thought that the people who lived through both, whether they believed in the cause as most did during WWII or didn't as with Vietnam, always thought that WE were at war as a nation during both.  If this gentleman's opinion - that the war is something being fought by "them" in a place called "over there" - reflects those of large segments of the population then it becomes a difficult issue to use against those who started it.

by STRv444es 2005-07-28 07:32AM | 0 recs
I believe that is Rangel's reason...
... for wanting to bring back the draft.  As long as people don't feel engaged by the war, it won;t be an issue.

The progressives/liberals and foreign policy moderates feel affected by the war, apart from loved ones that are not with them, because they rightly see the tarnish on our international legitimacy as a force for good.

Most hawkish conservatives don;t really give a flip about all that, because they think we can just bully our way around the block all day, every day.

While I don't think a draft is very cool, it might happen for logistical reasons.  But the bottom line is that the American public HAS to feel engaged, and it is OUR job to help with that.  Otherwise, our arguments don't make sense.

by teknofyl 2005-07-28 08:00AM | 0 recs


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