Partisan, Political Blogosphere Traffic Rankings

Here is another in my occasional traffic ranking updates. Using the blogad traffic rankings as my source (since these involve money, as far as I am concerned no other ranking system matters), I have produced a list of the fifty most trafficked partisan, political blogs that can be considered part of a larger leftist or rightist network. In other words, in order to be included in these rankings, a blog must meet all of the following criteria:
  • The main focus of the blog must be related to politics (thus, sites such as Blogcritics are not included).
  • The blog must have a blogroll, or at least frequently quote from other political blogs, or else it is not considered to be participating within a larger network (thus, sites such as Metafilter and Roger Simon are not included).
  • The blog must be partisan in favor of either one major party or the other. This can be determined by either the content of the site or the links on a blog roll. (This eliminates sites such as Wonkette, considering their bipartisan blogroll, and Hit and Run, considering their preference for the Libertarian Party).
Of the top fifty blogs that met the above listed criteria, twenty-six were on the right, and twenty-four were on the left. These twenty-six right-wing blogs combined for 6,077,648 page views per week, while the twenty-four left-wing blogs combined for around 7,918,437 page views per week. This is a roughly a four to three margin in favor of the lefty blogs, which has consistently been the margin between the two groups since I started these rankings in September. As a whole, these blogs receive more traffic than the websites of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News combined. By the 2008 election, blogs might become the number one online source of news for Americans. The rankings are in the extended entry.
Weekly Traffic Rankings (In Page Views)
  • 1. Dailykos: 2,883,641
  • 2. Instapundit: 1,145,308
  • 3. Little Green Footballs: 846,016
  • 4. Eschaton: 715,560
  • 5. Americablog: 697,077
  • 6. Powerline: 661,144
  • 7. Raw Story: 611,198
  • 8. Talking Points Memo: 531,093
  • 9. Smirking Chimp: 476,034
  • 10. Real Clear Politics: 347,194
  • 11. Wizbang: 330,539
  • 12. Michelle Malkin: 316,447
  • 13. Political Animal: 306,805
  • 14. Kim Du Toit: 268,271
  • 15. Andrew Sullivan: 245,591
  • 16. Hugh Hewitt: 220,494
  • 17. Captain's Quarters: 182,676
  • 18. Day by Day Cartoon: 174,866
  • 19. MyDD: 173,136 (another reason I miss the election)
  • 20. PoliPundit: 172,784
  • 21. Informed Comment: 161,620
  • 22. Drudge Retort: 160,492
  • 23. Tim Blair: 133,728
  • 24. Mathew Yglesias: 132,655
  • 25. Crooks and Liars: 129,279
  • 26. Liberty News Forum: 126,486
  • 27. Political Wire: 115,253 (listed as a Democratic blog)
  • 28. 112,895
  • 29: Men's News Daily: 112,035
  • 30. This Modern World: 110,415
  • 31. Rantburg: 110,058
  • 32. Talk Left: 98,355
  • 33. IMAO: 92,653
  • 34. Outside the Beltway: 89,207
  • 35. Right Wing News: 82,822
  • 36. The Poor Man: 76,661
  • 37. TAPPED: 76,339
  • 38. Oliver Willis: 69,152
  • 39. Blackfive: 66,682
  • 40. protein wisdom: 65,266
  • 41. Sound Politics: 63,153
  • 42. Steve Gillard: 62,370
  • 43. Iowahawk: 61,698
  • 44. Blogs For Bush: 59,070
  • 45. The Agonist: 58,478
  • 46. Jesus' General: 57,529
  • 47. Right Thoughts: 57,242
  • 48. Pandagon: 51,335
  • 49. Café Press: 51,055
  • 50. Chrenkoff: 46,218
Obviously, some blogs such as The Left Coaster and The Belmont Club are not listed because they do not run Blogads. Political Wire not only lists itself as a partisan Democratic blog, but it links to lefty blogs far more often than it links right wing blogs. Many institutional blogs, such as Altercation, are also not listed.

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Anyone know of
a good right-wing blog? Where the people aren't hacks? I read Andrew Sullivan but he stopped posting regularly, and he's kind of batshit insane anyway. So what else is there?
by knuckle50 2005-02-27 11:41AM | 0 recs
Re: Anyone know of
Drezner, Belgravia Dispatch, Volokh, Marginal revolution, Eve Tushnet, Jim Henley. Don't read any of them regularly, but they're not hacks.
by David Weman 2005-02-27 02:42PM | 0 recs
Re: Anyone know of
Actually, I do.

It's a small site known as "Porkopolis".

He's a lone voice in the conservative pantheon who hasn't druken the kool-aid about how GOP spending is alright as long as they remain in power.

He and I spar once in a while about social security, but since we're both in Ohio (he's in the Cincinnati area, I'm in the Columbus area) we have somethings in common and we're always able to debate actually on the issues.

He's holding Ohio GOP congressmen, including his own Rob Portman to account for their actions.

We need more like this guy.

Bring Ohio Home

by bringohiohome 2005-02-28 01:25AM | 0 recs
blog numbers
Interesting that there are more right wing blogs in the 50, but a greater number of page views happen in the Left blogosphere.  Any idea what accounts for that?
by global yokel 2005-02-27 11:49AM | 0 recs
Page views versus users
Isn't it a little unfair to everyone besides kos to rank by page views. You've mentioned before that kos is the "stickiest" of the blogs, and many readers are following multiple bloggers within kos. Plus the number of people leaving comments is much much largers.

Is the high ranking for americablog a one-time result of Jeff Gannon? Or is this part of a trend?

by niq 2005-02-27 12:18PM | 0 recs
Re: Page views versus users
Actually, upon further investigation, I'm pretty sure now that MyDD is the stickiest blog of them all. I have no idea as to why.
by Chris Bowers 2005-02-27 12:28PM | 0 recs
Re: Page views versus users
How did you come to that conclusion.
by David Weman 2005-02-27 02:33PM | 0 recs
Re: Page views versus users
Newbie question-  what does stickiness mean?
by dbeard115 2005-02-27 03:44PM | 0 recs
Thats a lot of eyes
What if you put all the good stuff on the back pages? would it be cheating?
by eddieb 2005-02-27 12:48PM | 0 recs
Faulty Premise
Okay, I'm sensing something wrong here already.  You're basing all this on Blogads, a service that quite a few of us don't have any desire to use.  Seems to me that's an even worse predictor of popularity than the TTLB Ecosystem, which at least is predicated on inbound links to bloggers who publicly use SiteMeter...
by Elayne Riggs 2005-02-27 02:07PM | 0 recs
Are these UNIQUE page views, or is it the same million people coming back multiple times in a week?
by MNPundit 2005-02-27 02:45PM | 0 recs
2008 #1 online news source?
Somehow I really doubt that. I like blogs, don't get me wrong, but it'll never replace sources like Time, TNR, Slate, etc for me. Blogs are more useful for getting a "temperature read" on the political water. Like dipping a toe in to see how other people are thinking. Blogs just don't have the resources to pursue all your daily headlines...that requires a payroll.
by Vote Hillary 2008 2005-02-28 02:13AM | 0 recs
Re: 2008 #1 online news source?
Depends on what you would consider a news source.  Yahoo! and many other portal news sites don't do any of their own reporting and rely completely on wire services for their content, yet that's where many people go to get their news and thus could be considered a 'source'.  The beauty of blogs and the reason they may well become the '#1 news source' is if you find the right ones for your interests you don't have to religiously visit all those other 'original' sources to keep up with the stuff that's relevant to you.

So no, blogs can't replace the media by doing the first hand reporting but they certainly could replace them as the 'first stop' for consumers who want to keep up with what's going on.

by jwmullis 2005-02-28 06:03AM | 0 recs


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