Cantwell Edging Toward Safety in Washington

There once was a time when Maria Cantwell was pretty vulnerable in 2006, what with re-elect numbers under fifty and a self-financing opponent facing her. However, her numbers have now pushed beyond the sub-50% danger zone, even according to Republican outfit Strategic Vision:vote for?
Maria Cantwell 50%
Mike McGavick 39%
Undecided 11%

Maria Cantwell 53%
Susan Hutchinson 35%
Undecided 12%

It is also worthy of note that while the Washington Republican party its trying to clear the field for McGavick, htey are having little duccess in doing so. From the DSCC:In an attempt to fend off a GOP primary challenge to Washington Senate candidate Mike McGavick, former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi endorsed the Safeco CEO yesterday. But Rossi's endorsement was not enough to force prospective GOP challenger Susan Hutchison out of the race. Hutchison is saying that Rossi's endorsement is not enough to keep her out and that she may still seek the GOP nomination. Washington DC Republicans might be pushing McGavick but Washington State Republicans are clearly not as enthusiastic about McGavick. This is great stuff. Every week, it seems as though Democrats are able to breathe a little easier about a Senate seat they hold, or become more excited about a enate seat where they are making a challenge. At this rate, 2006 is going to be a great year.

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Ditto for Rasmussen
The latest Rasmussen poll (12/5) on Cantwell/McGavick is in similar territory, if slightly better numbers: Cantwell 52% to McGavick 37%. Cantwell's favorables are also continuing to go up (probably as she has a better media presence as she takes the lead in protecting Puget Sound against supertankers and otherwise being a thorn in Ted Stevens' side): 60% favorable (up from 57% last month)/36% unfavorable.

I'd be very surprised if Hutchison ever got any traction. She has no electoral experience; she's a former local news anchor who, if I recall correctly, then launched a discrimination suit after being replaced with a younger, cuter anchor. I think she's trying to position herself as the pro-choice moderate alternative to McGavick (who may well be pro-choice too, for all I know), but bear in mind she's on the board of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute (i.e. the lead right-wing think tank for flogging 'intelligent design').

As far as McGavick self-financing, looks like he just got even richer. He's getting $4.5 million in an accelerated vesting from his former job as CEO of Safeco (the largest northwest-based insurance company), plus he'll be eligible for his 2005 bonus.

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Re: Ditto for Rasmussen
You think Susan Hutchison is pro-choice? I'm wondering where you come up with that? I don't know about McGavick or Tebelius, has Susan said or posted something?
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Re: Ditto for Rasmussen
Now that you mention it, I don't know where I heard it. I Googled the topic and found nothing. Can I cite "the rumor mill?"
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If you read the DSCC memo that's linked, it also mentions Diane Tebelius isn't standing down and is considering a primary challenge... and I'd guess she's likelier than Susan Hutchison to get any traction. She's a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who ran for the GOP primary in the 8th District in 2004 (and lost to Dave Reichert). She's a behind-the-scenes power broker in the state apparatus (i.e. one of the prime movers with the Dino Rossi court challenge), but she has wingnut appeal; she'd definitely be running to McGavick's right and despite being financially weaker would probably win a lot of the rural counties in a contested primary with McG.
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