Democratic Independence Grows

If we are indeed going to have an Indycrat realignment in 2006, it is going to be at least partially because of growing Democratic independence from traditional sources of power in Washington: lobbyists and big donors. As was reported back in June, Dean has already freed the DNC from any reliance on big donors whatsoever (emphasis mine):As a fund-raiser--the first duty of a party chairman and Dean's claim to fame in '04--he isn't quite the disaster some critics suggest. Early in the last "cycle," in 2001, the Republican National Committee outraised the DNC by a 3-1 margin. So far this year, that ratio has been cut to 2-1. More important is the way it was raised. In the past the party relied on "soft money" from millionaires. But such donations are now illegal. Officials esti-mate that $12 million of the $14 million the Dean regime has collected so far this year has come from those who gave less than $250."For people who really look hard at the numbers, he's wowing people," says Elaine Kamarck, a respected DNC member. The Democratic Party is now being funded almost entirely by small donors. Now, through Pelosi, we are starting to close the door on lobbyists as well:While such sessions with lobbyists are not new, and they do go far in encouraging K Street contributions, some lobbyists were annoyed that the party's campaign arm has been reaching out to them more than Pelosi's office has.

Since the departure this summer of Chief of Staff George Crawford, Pelosi's office has not been holding its Friday meeting with lobbyists on a regular basis, said several attendees.

"They've canceled them a lot more often than they've had them," said one regular attendee.

Democratic sources could recall only two or three meetings occurring since the new chief of staff, John Lawrence, took over in July.

These two events go hand in hand. Traditionally, the main reason Democrats and Republicans meet with lobbyists is so that they are able to fill up their campaign coffers with PAC money. However, now that Democrats are able to rely on small donors much more than in the past, they do not need this money as much as they once did. Of course, it also helps that Democrats were forced to find another source of campaign funding because of the Republican K Street project (offical website can be found here). The point of the K-Street project was an attempt by Republicans to shut Democrats out of the lobbying world as much as possible, mainly in order to receive as high a percentage of PAC money as possible. Nicholas Confessore explains the purpose of the K Street project (emphasis mine): But over the last few years, Republicans have brought about a revolutionary change: They've begun to capture and, consequently, discipline K Street. Through efforts like Santorum's--and a House version run by the majority whip, Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)--K Street is becoming solidly Republican. The corporate lobbyists who once ran the show, loyal only to the parochial interests of their employer, are being replaced by party activists who are loyal first and foremost to the GOP. Through them, Republican leaders can now marshal armies of lobbyists, lawyers, and public relations experts--not to mention enormous amounts of money--to meet the party's goals. Ten years ago, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the political donations of 19 key industry sectors--including accounting, pharmaceuticals, defense, and commercial banks--were split about evenly between the parties. Today, the GOP holds a two-to-one advantage in corporate cash. So, Democrats are shut out of K Street, and the money that comes with it, as part of a systematic effort by the Republican Party to soak up as much corporate and lobbying money as possible. In response, Democrats find that they can raise even more money than they did in the past by turning to small, individual donors. Then, K Street and big donors get upset with Democrats for not paying attention to them anymore. Sounds like karmic comeuppance to big donors and lobbyists to me. If lobbyists and big donors really wanted the same amount of access to Democrats and Republicans, then they wouldn't have abandoned Dems and given in to the Republican K Street project in the first place. It is as though big donors and lobbyists broke up with Dems, then Dems went out and found someone who was better for them anyway, and now the lobbyists and big donors want Dems back. Well, I say hard cheese to lobbyists to big donors. They had their chance. They blew it. They can ram it.

Is it any wonder why Democrats are doing so well among Independents these days? You have one party, Republicans, trying to suck up as much as possible to the rich, to large corporations, and to lobbyists. You have another party, Democrats, trying instead to appeal to small donors and build a nationwide grassroots movement independent of powerful, wealthy interests. You tell me who is going to appeal more to people who feel shut out of the system. You tell me which is a better way for American politics to operate. Democrats should broadcast these developments as far and as wide as they can. Amidst the Republican culture of corruption, this is good government at work. This will appeal to what I once deemed the "non-ideological reformers" as much as any issue or platform position ever could. We need to get the word out. Democrats are taking their party back.

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Wouldn't it be amazing
if good goverment reforms (at least eschewing big donors and lobbyists) actually worked to clean up the party this quickly.
by thief 2005-11-16 01:09PM | 0 recs
McCain/Feingold is just a start
There is more legislating to be done to cleanse politics from moneyed interest.
by Populism2008 2005-11-16 10:14PM | 0 recs
We do have a backbone
I'm really getting tired of all the negative-nelly progressives out there who are constantly beating the drum that Dems aren't standng up to Republicans, have no backbone, and don't fight.  This post shows that they are wrong.  So does Reid.

We can only do so much without the majority.  Hopefully, once we get the majority back, we can be an even more effective governing party than ever, freed from the stranglehold of lobbyists.  It was our control by lobbyists that scuttled health care reform ten years ago.  Perhaps now, not being beholden to lobbyists, we can finally get something done about healthcare after 2006 or 2008?

by jgarcia 2005-11-16 01:16PM | 0 recs
Call it "Special interests"
I think the effort to so dramatically court lobbyists may hurt Republicans. Articles like this should call such lobbyists "special interests." A lot of energy has been expended by the right wing to make the public suspicious of "special interests." The fact that the Republicans have slandered special interests, but now are addicted to their money and are not only cozy with them, but trying to own them, should be a major point.
by gregbillock 2005-11-16 02:00PM | 0 recs
Re: Call it "Special interests"
I think it's important to call these "MONEYED interests"--

Republicans coined the term "special interests" to muddle the distinction between corporate lobbyists and citizen groups and nonprofits concerned about the environment, the living wage, etc. Lumping these together under the vague term "special" enables Republicans to act like they are sticking up for the common man when they are lining the pockets of CEOs and stockholders.

I agree that it's time to take that rhetoric on, to ask what is so "special" about citizens working for the interests of the nation as a whole. But the more we use the term "moneyed interests," the more people will be able to see the difference between corporate lobbyists and the other kind.

by Joanna 2005-11-16 03:46PM | 0 recs
Great news
This is the best change in the party in recent history because it really makes us better suited to govern independently of ideology.  It also makes us less likely to become complacent and corrupt once we regain power.
by alhill 2005-11-16 02:02PM | 0 recs
We're still sold out to all of our citizen interest groups and to liberal thinking generally.  I'm perfectly fine with that, but our party is still constrained (mostly for the better) by those things.

In other words, I doubt we'll govern independently of ideology.

by texas dem 2005-11-17 12:35PM | 0 recs
One other thing that the Republicans should
be concerned about going into 2006- why are lobists trying to meet more with the Democrats if the lobbists didn't think the political winds were about to shift? Just curious idea that this is somehow a sign that the re-allignment of power is occuring.
by bruh21 2005-11-16 02:22PM | 0 recs
thank you russ feingold
for enabling this shift, and turning the tables within the party so that the reformers have the big mo. cutting off the soft money will turn out to have been a seminal moment, i'd be willing to bet.
by wu ming 2005-11-16 02:44PM | 0 recs
The inevitable purge of GOP loyalists will be very entertaining.  

As far as I am concerned, the internet has changed everything.  I imagine most of those small donations came over the internet.

Democrats should focus on becoming more internet savvy.  Just compare the GOP site to the Democratic Party site.  Less clutter, more smooth graphics!

Anyways, I am very pleased about our progress this year, but there is always room for improvement.  :)

by agpc 2005-11-16 02:50PM | 0 recs
I actually think the DNC site is superior to the RNC one. I find it more pleasing to look at and navigate. BTW, the current design was Dr. Dean's doing.
by LiberalFromPA 2005-11-17 05:15AM | 0 recs
this is awesome news. one of the biggest criticisms of the Dems by folks like Nader was their corporatism. And for whatever one's criticisms of Nader might be, his ciriticisms of the Dems on this point were well founded, and his feelings were shared by many.  A not insignificant number of progressives saw the Dems as Repub lite because they were too sold out, too controlled by lobbyists and corporate money. There were many of us who either wouldn't support the Dems at all, or supported them only reluctantly as the lesser of two evils.

It is very heartening now to know that they are finally and truly gaining independence from corporate money and from lobbyist influence.

I believe that this will be a positive feedback loop. As they find reliable funding support from grassroots sources, they will have the confidence to further separate themselves from lobbyists. As they further separate themselves from lobbyists, the grassroots will be further inspired to provide reliable funding, and will support them wholeheartedly and earnestly.

And together, when we retake Congress next year, we may just have a party with real spine and an agenda that is truly driven by the interests of the people, with the lobbyists left out in the cold with their GOP buddies, and that would be a wonderful thing for the country.

by scottmaui 2005-11-16 03:45PM | 0 recs
this is why i read this blog.
thank you for the very encouraging, and factual, news. it's nice to read something about what's happening, as opposed to what people think or conjecture is going on in DC/
by chicago dyke 2005-11-16 04:17PM | 0 recs
If GOPers ever read Darwin
They would know that every change in attack by one animal forces a dramatic restructuring by the other animal.  Often, the animal that forces the initial evolution is the loser, because he's the last to evolve.

In this case, the elephant has forced the emergence of a super-independent donkey that kicks directly toward the elephant.

Funny, when you consider it.

The elephant should have been happy with the existing order and parity.

by jcjcjc 2005-11-16 05:46PM | 0 recs
Democracy Bonds
It's time to put our money where our mouths are.  Go to and sign up for the Democracy Bonds.  It doesn't have to be much, $10.00 or $20.00 a month.  But if 2,000,000 Democrats do this each and every month, we'll have a steady flow of funds that we won't have to beg from the "MONEYED interests" as makeitstop so eloquently coined them.  My wife and I signed up for $25.00/month and once we get our bills paid off, it's going to go up.

Just think of the great candidates we can attract and fund with $20,000,000 to $40,000,000 going in every month.  I want to take our party back from the corporations and put it back into the hands of Americans who are concerned about other Americans.

Please spread the word.  Our country depends on it.  I've heard it said that it's always darkest before the dawn.  Well, last tuesday we finally saw a glimmer of light.  Sign up for the Democracy Bonds so we can see the sun finally come up.

I attended a house party last night.  There must have been 45 people there and they expected only 15 as of the Friday before when I signed up.  It was so good to meet with like-minded people.  Many of them signed up for the Democracy bonds.  It was great.  And Dr. Dean rocked!

by ConcernedAZCitizen 2005-11-16 07:01PM | 0 recs
My donation
I've been giving $10 a month since Dean started the project. It's all I can afford right now, but that's the beauty of it -- a small donation anyone can afford. Put that all together, and you have more money than was being raised before. Even if Republicans raise more, it still means that the Democratic Party is answerable to the people, not to lobbyists, and that's what's important.

If anyone who frequents this site hasn't yet signed up, please, go do so now! (Link in my sig).

by LiberalFromPA 2005-11-17 05:13AM | 0 recs
When asked about bad fundraising Dems should
always spin this back: "We all know that the Republican party is the party of special interests and the wealthiest 1% so that explains why they will always raise more money than we do. But we are the party of the people and in the long run people are goning to change this country not special interest money".
by Populism2008 2005-11-16 10:10PM | 0 recs
Re: Democratic Independence Grows
I'm not sure you can draw conclusions given the data you present. Besides, I do think that As long as computers running proprietary code programmed by partisan republicans like Diebold are recording and counting the votes, there will never be another honest election. And what adds more craziness to the picture is that FEC is rendering itself completely irrelevant in terms of regulating corporate money. girl webcams adult webcam free webcam chat teen webcam nude webcam strip webcam free live webcam sexy webcam amateur webcam free nude webcams hot webcam free live webcam girls
by kevin36 2007-06-30 12:37AM | 0 recs
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