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Coming into August, I was afraid that Bush would be able to advertise like there was no tomorrow this month while Kerry would be unable to respond. However, my fears were unfounded: After months of criticizing rival John Kerry in campaign ads, the Bush-Cheney campaign is shifting gears with some $14 million in commercials that praise the Republican for "moving America forward" amid economic and terrorism challenges.(...) The commercials began airing Tuesday in local media markets in 19 battleground states for at least two weeks and on national cable networks for the month, a period that would include the highly watched Olympic Games They also will air on local cable channels in specific media markets in at least two states -- New Mexico and Nevada. (...)

The Democratic National Committee's independent expenditure office is spending $6 million in 20 competitive states [this week alone] and on national cable networks to broadcast an ad in which Kerry argues that he can lead a nation at war. And, on Tuesday, the Media Fund, a liberal interest group, rolled out five TV ads in five swing states -- Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Mexico. The group, which spent $27 million in 17 states this spring to keep Kerry competitive on the air as he rebuilt his campaign fund after the primary, says it is spending at least $2.5 million over a week to run the ads.

That's $14M for direct, pro-Bush advertising over the next two weeks, and $8.5M for indirect, pro-Kerry advertising over next week. The article did not indicate what pro-Kerry groups are planning for the week after this one, but for at least the next seven days Kerry allies will combine to outspend Bush on TV ads.

Also, Bush is significantly cutting back on negative advertising, which made up around 75% of his previous ads buys. The campaign must have finally relented after realizing that the negative ads were not having their desired impact on Kerry's image. Kerry's unfavorables remain a little more than ten points lower than Bush's.

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