DNC outpaces RNC in July Fundraising

Certainly the convention played a role in this, but through improved communication with the electorate and a heavily expanded on the ground and internet presence, the DNC was able to out fundraise the RNC in July:

July Fundraising Totals
DNC $27,619,145.61
RNC $25,910,760.10

In addition to online efforts, the DNC has invested $5M in an open air and door-or-door canvassing operation called Grassroots Campaigns (they really need to work on the website). This effort has already paid a significant return, as it has raised over $12M this year, and around $5M in July alone. If, like me, you live in an urban, heavily Democratic area of the country, you have probably seen some of the more than one thousand people working on this campaign. Typically, they tend to be young idealistic types in either red or blue DNC tee shirts standing on the street asking if you would like to help elect John Kerry / defeat George Bush. If you ever pass one of these people, stop and talk with them, because they are doing difficult and important work. And hey, if you need a job, they are still hiring.

Overall, even though we have turned a corner, Republican Party Committees still hold a significant fundraising advantage over Democratic Party Committees: $261M to $421M. However, Democratic and progressive leaning 527's have been able to reduce that deficit by around 75%. It is thrilling to see the DNC and other progressive groups engaging in numerous, simultaneous, vast operations in order to contact as many people as possible, register as many people as possible, have as many contacts with every potential voter as possible, and bring as many people as possible into the process in a wide variety of ways.

When all is said and done, Republicans will still probably slightly out fundraise Democrats in this election cycle. However, that we have even managed to come close strikes a major blow against perhaps the most important pillar of Republican electoral strength. Combine this with the wave of new activists who have been brought into the process by efforts of the DNC, 527s, netroots and others, and I for one am very optimistic about the political future of my country.

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Re: DNC outpaces RNC in July Fundraising
Republican Party Committees still hold a significant fundraising advantage over Democratic Party Committees: $261M to $421M.

That's total raised, but over the last Q, they are very even, correct?

by Jerome Armstrong 2004-08-24 09:42AM | 0 recs
Re: DNC outpaces RNC in July Fundraising
I belive so, but the documents are enormous. It will require more research.
by Chris Bowers 2004-08-24 10:10AM | 0 recs
Why is it that I can only see 2 of the 4 comments?
by danielj 2004-08-24 10:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Comments
spammers or freepers, they got ranked 0 by one of the those who can rank them as such, which makes their posts disappear.
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