Unbelievable New Kerry Ad

This is downright amazing. A strong attack on Bush, a great slam against the Swift Boat Liars, and a not-so-subtle reassertion of Kerry's heroism in Vietnam. The best part is that it all comes out of the mouth of the third most popular politician in the country.

Also, I am sorry about my nearly three-day absence. I was simply unable to reach a computer for a while. It was extremely painful for me to not be able to blog--I seriously became physically ill (maybe I should seek help for blog addiction). It will never happen again.

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Questions about ad
Okay, so I went to download the QT version of the ad - which, shockingly, was 46 megabytes in size.  

But then I watched it, and it was just John McCain talking to Bush about a fringe veteran group speaker at one of his events, and it ends just before Bush is about to speak with the words "We can do better".  Is that it?

by Maura in CT 2004-08-21 12:25PM | 0 recs
Re: Questions about ad
Of course that's it; nearly the exact same words could be said today about Swiftvets.
by punishinglemur 2004-08-21 01:36PM | 0 recs
Over on Democratic Underground someone has racked up the awards Bush and Kerry got in the service-


Silver Star (Verified via DD214)
Bronze Star (Should have Bronze Combat "V" Device, Verified via DD214)
Purple Heart (Should have two Gold Star devices for subsequent awards, Verified via DD214)
Combat Action Ribbon (Verified via DD214)
Presidential Unit Citation (Verified via DD215, worn above left pocket per Navy regs)
Navy Unit Commendation (Verified via DD215)
National Defense Service Medal (Verified via DD214)
Vietnam Service Medal(Verified via DD214, w/four bronze star devices verified via DD215)
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (Verified via DD215)
Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation (Verified via DD215)
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (Verified via DD215)


Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (verified via photograph only)
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (verified via photograph only)

Hmm. This is is really tough. Its a close call-
but for the sake of national security I've gotta go with W-


by FortVancouverUSACalling 2004-08-21 12:42PM | 0 recs
Is this only an internet ad?
Or will it be brodcast?
by ohno 2004-08-21 01:14PM | 0 recs
Re: Is this only an internet ad?
The Kerry campaign is circulating it via email, asking people to pass on the link. They've got an online petition, too, d'oh. May that concept swiftly fade into history.


by tatere 2004-08-21 09:34PM | 0 recs
I'm Clawed and I'm an Internet addict
Good to get away from the net once in a while even if it almost kills you...

Anyway, check this article out:


Election chiefs trim voter rolls to benefit GOP

by clawed 2004-08-21 03:13PM | 0 recs
A friendly, but opposing viewpoint...
Is that welcome here? I hope so because I do not mean to feud, only to discuss.

In regards to the most previous post, we are leaving out a few names, most notabley Mr. Frist. I know he is a newbie but he toe's the party line like no one's business. He is a documented life saver and has an education to match anyone in Washington.

Now, in regards to Kerry's war record (or Bush's...whichever you choose). It's a complete waste of your and my time to debate these issues...unless you feel that a 4 month time frame in a war that happened over 30 years ago is how you are going to base your decision on who is the most able to lead our nation in it's most crucial time in the last 50 years.

If you want to attack Dubya...I would suggest laying of the Ntl Guard record and going against something more recent...more relevant.

If you want to attack Kerry...again, I would let Vietnam go, ...If you want to attack Kerry, just attack what has come out of his mouth over the last few years.

I could care less about either candidate's war record. I dont think Dubya is the most intellectual president that we have ever had...nor do I think that he is the best communicator. The thing that strikes me about Dubya is his swiftness in decision making. I really dont get the impression that he studies Gallup polls before making policy. I really dont get the impression that he targets the needs of swing-states before making policy. Now, whether I agree with everything he does or not...I am impressed with his ability to lead. If he were making policy on the basis of anything other than his beliefs then it wouldnt be "leading" now would it?

Kerry, on the other hand, strikes me as a "career" politician. He will say anything and everything necessary to meet the ends that he desires. I am not an economics major but I am not an idiot either. Have you really paid attention to what he has been "promising" in his campaign? The Bush administration is actually doing Kerry a favor by attacking the "war-record" instead of going after this man's platform.

He is promising more "new money" to alternative fuel R&D and will pay for it from the royalties received from the off shore drilling rights granted to business by our government...and he says this as if that money is just sitting and taking up space, like its actually not earmarked for somewhere else in the budget...it actually sounds poetic doesnt it? I mean, alternative fuel R&D paid for by royalties from off shore oil rigs. Hey, it sounds nice, but...like I said, I may not be smart...but I'm  not that stupid.

He is all for education. Great!! I am all for education too...well, thats really a no brainer. Have you ever heard of anyone running for office with an "anti" education platform? Anywho, Kerry is promising to earmark more "new monies" specifically for Ivey League scholarships. Nice.

Also on the education front, Kerry is pledging that...to ANY High School graduate that performs 2 years of community service...a full paid scholarship to an inner-state university or technical school. Bravo J.F.K...I will not ask how you will fund not only the scholarships themselves with new money but neither will I ask how will you regulate it and how will good ol' boys not take advantage of a system like that. It sounds good, so I am going to go with it.

Kerry is promising to "do away" with the tax loopholes that are allowing companies like Heinz to outsource jobs to other companies which include no incentives to repatriate their monies. Bravo Mr. Kerry, and I will give Mr. Kerry the benifit of the doubt, I realize that food products are perishable goods and therefore outsourcing is legitimized to a degree. See, I am not a party hacker...hehehe.

Ok, even though John Kerry voted against the 87 billion dollar investment in our Iraqi ground troops before voting for it...(or however that thing actually went)...he has recently stated, rather clearly, that...having knew then what he knows now in regards to WMD's ...he would have still went in. (um, not really sure where he can actually go in this particular debate)...nevertheless, IF elected president he would "stay the course" in Iraq...(are you getting the jest' here?...everytime he opens his mouth he is spending money but what closet is he going to pull it from??)

Which brings me to my next point. You say, ahh, but Kerry is going to repeal the tax cuts.

Repeal the tax cuts.

Umm, anyone ever heard of CA Dem Gov Davis? Gov Davis tripled the wheel tax of automobiles in CA in a hastily attempt to bring the CA budget back to the stratosphere...anyone know what happened? Well, the wheel tax was passed. Anyone know what else happened? What happened is that, as a result of the outrageous wheel tax, CA citizens decided it was too expensive to go out and buy that new SUV or that new Hummer and auto sales plunged....they plunged so hard that....over a 3 week period, the state of California had lost in car sales what it had hoped to have gained in the increase in the wheel tax for THE WHOLE YEAR. Let me say that one more time, the state of California had lost in the revenue in new car sale taxes what it had hoped to have gained with the increase in the wheel tax for THE WHOLE YEAR.

Folks, repealing the tax breaks will only slow down spending...and what happens when you slow down spending? Less spending=Less tax revenue for LARGE government.

But I am not quite thru. We have heard what Kerry promises to do (but havent heard how he is going to pay for it) and we know that he is going to stay the course in Iraq...(well, no money there either)...

Well, Mr John F Kerry also wants to give universal healthcare. I am sure that all that will take is about, 2 to 3 cents on the tax dollar...wait a minute...maybe more like 15 to 30 cents on the dollar...and thats for mediocre healthcare...and that is an allocation of 15 to 30 cents of every tax dollar that is already earmaked to some other project, benifit, ...whatever.

Kerry is promising all of these things but you know what?? He is not telling you what programs he is going to cut in order to make these things happen. Now, that can mean one of two things. Either he is telling you what you want to hear, knowing that he will not get any of it to pass thru Congress, ...or he is not telling what programs and benefit packages he is planning on cutting in order to make these "dreams" become realities.

Folks, one other small point I have yet to point out. Not only is Kerry going to "give" you all of these nice promises...but, ....BUT....he is going to cut the deficit in half while doing so.

He is going to cut the deficit in half while doing so.

I dont think "Dubya" is perfect by any stretch of the imagination...but...He is better than the alternative that I see that is blowing bull up my backside every single day and who is just dying for me to fall for his baloney.

Dubya, do yourself a favor. Let Kerry's military record go...and just attack this man on what comes out of his mouth.

by Jadarm 2004-08-21 05:35PM | 0 recs
Hey folks....
In regards to the most previous comment...I happen to be included he in "most taxed bracket" that you insinuate...I will confess, not because I earned it but because I inherited it...now, should I feel guilty because of an inheritance?? Well, if so, ...then I apoligize.

Just a suggestion Anonymous Hero...please take the time to investigate and see how many "charitable" contributions your "rich" candidate has contributed over years past and compare that with what George Jr. has contributed...

Now, ... to the "latter" hero.

-For generating revenue while causing the least amount of damage to the economy, you increase income taxes-

I was a Clinton fan and I was among those who realized that Clinton was smart by increasing "sin-taxes"...regardless, if you want to build a healthier middle class...do you do that by raising taxes on the top 2%...the people that are responsible for your paychecks?? Or do you encourage the exchange of money by keeping taxes low??

Folks, you raise taxes and the people who hold money will keep their money.

As a government, it is well understood, that you make revenue by the exchange of money...anything you do to restrict the exchange of money will be done so at the expense of the American taxpayer, the citizen. Less infrastructure, less defense...you get the picture.

Now, ...reward business by providing tax cuts for companies that provide healthcare benifits?? Wherein lies the difference?? Whether or not we are allocating money to big business or to the hospitals themselves?? Are you that blind?? The tax payer is still bearing the expenditure is he not??

Fact; Business will only allocate healthcare to their employee's if they feel that it will improve their workforce or if it will improve their bottom line. That my friends is capitalism...that my friends is the country that you reside in. Now, are you suggesting that you favor socialism over Free Enterprise?? Einstein also had political views in addition to the scientific theories that you are probably aware of...and he suggested that, while he favored socialism but also accepted the fact that it was a lost cause due to corruptability..CAPITALISM...was the most incorruptable form of government on the planet.

If these "tax cuts" that you deem so important today were so humongous...then why didnt Clinton impliment these plans while he was the Commander in Chief?? Why was there a surplus in tax revenue when "so much" was at stake??

Now, you bring up the ratio of Revenue per year vs. National Debt...are you taking into account that this is a war-time presidency?? ...and that YOUR candidate has verbally spoken that he would have done the same??

Folks, if you are privy to change at a whim then I implore you...please vote Kerry/Edwards.

by Jadarm 2004-08-22 06:27PM | 0 recs


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