Almost Final Presidential Fundraising Demographics

Now that the Q2 totals have been released and the convention season is upon us, the final fundraising totals for this Presidential Election Cycle are nearly known. As of June 30, here are where things stand (in millions of dollars):
	      Total   $2000+ Donors	    $200 > Donors
Bush	     228.74	125.81		59.47
Kerry	     186.59	 69.04		59.71
All Dems      320.12	111.80		109.95
Bush and Kerry's small donor machines are roughly equal, although Dean-fueled Democrats as a whole nearly double Bush's campaign in this area. Bush's strength remains his support among large donors, where he nearly doubles-up Kerry and where he surpasses all Democrats combined. Kerry apparently has around a $12M lead among "mid-range" donors, and Democrats as a whole have around a $42M among the same demographic.

Whatever the flaws and limitations of the Blogosphere and the netroots might be, raising money is certainly not one of them. Kerry has managed to stay almost equal to Bush in spending, and it would not be difficult to trace a large percentage of that success directly to the efforts of the Dean campaign in the first six months of last year.

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Under $200 contributions and other questions
From OpenSecrets demographics - % under $200:

Kucinich 70%
Dean 61%
Nader 48%
Kerry 32%
Bush 26%

The numbers above suggest that the far left contributors give smaller donations, as might be expected.   The open secrets numbers don't seem to show the number of <$200 contributors, but 32% of $186,000,000 is about 60,000,000 (which seems very improbable).  If true, this is an astounding number which we all should be talking about.

The heading on your post number table confused me in checking with OS.  Should $200 > should be $200 +? Which page showed the total $ by category - I couldn't find your numbers at OS?

The absolute number of contributors at Open Secrets by contribution size category appears to be:

200+ 96.7K
2000+ 23.6K
How many are under 200?

200+ 125.3K
2000+ 56.3K
How many are under 200?

Do OpenSecrets numbers for Over $200 include those Over $2000 as well (one wouldn't expect that they would)?

(I know: lies, damn lies, and statistics...)

by JimPortlandOR 2004-08-02 12:08PM | 0 recs
Re: Almost Final Presidential Fundraising
Anyone would have been laughed out of DC had they went in there saying, at the beginning of 2003, that "All Dems" would raise nearly 1.5 times as much as Bush.
by Jerome Armstrong 2004-08-02 12:28PM | 0 recs


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