Journalist Wants to be a Blogger

Jodi Wolgoren of the New York Times blogs her way through an article on Kerry:So it went on Mr. Kerry's cross-country tour these past two weeks. Same speech, different opening joke at each stop.(...)

The local crowds generally eat it up, their laughter and applause drowning out the collective groan from the traveling press corps.

The outside is becoming the inside, thus signalling our success at whatever it is we are trying to achieve.

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Wilgoren's slacker attitude
Whats particularly interesting about Wilgoren's "reporting" is that almost none of these inane stories -- I particularly like the one last week about how the Kerry campaign was counting the 38 miles he logged on the bus traveling around Las Vegas towards the total length of the trip -- require any reporting.

In that sense, she is very different from most bloggers -- certainly the ones I read. She offers almost no news value, despite having it fed to her on a silver platter -- her choice of sources, data, topics.

Back in the early 90s when I was in grad school, I'd watch political shows on tv with my slacker colleagues and we'd always conclude that "we can do better right here." That truth, in effect, is the basis for blogging, and its one that doesn't seem to bother, or embarass, Wilgoren, or her slacker colleagues, in the least.

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Not for long....
Establishment Media
Dean Press Corps 2004

--Text on a t-shirt given to Governor Howard Dean by members of the national press after he withdrew from the race, according to Craig Crawford.

Not for long with the Blogosphere...

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Willogren blogging
Just another blogger of ill repute. Maybe Novak will join.
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Reporting Kerry's crowds
Good thing that, as a reporter, she has journalistic standards, huh?

Wilgoren.  Tool.  Mrs. Atrios nailed it.

Wonder if any of the big media outlets - the TV networks, CNN, the NYT, the WaPo - have ever done a story about the crowds the two candidates have drawn?  I know that Kerry's been drawing absolutely huge crowds.  But I know that from reading those standardless blogs, who for some reason think such things are important.  I read the WaPo every morning, and if there's been anything about the size of the crowds Kerry's been drawing, I've missed it.

In this example, Wilgoren mentions the numbers in passing, as if they were no big deal.  But seems to me they are.

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