Howard's moment

Thursday night instead of Tuesday night.... no doubt about that one. The Democratic wing of the Democratic party is here.  Telling the truth to the American people brought back the voice to the Democratic Party. He's Howard Dean, and he's voting for John Kerry, so will I, and hopefully so will over 50% of the people in Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. The other day, I was in the suite with the Governor as he looked over his speech, and what he wanted most, was to not give the speech that everyone else was giving--vintage Howard Dean. We will take it back, because we have the power.... in Utah, Wyoming, and Texas! Man, I wish.

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just so you know, jerome... looked amazing on tv.  here is what i wrote on my own blog.  i'd paste it here but some of the language is, um, off color.
by annatopia 2004-07-27 07:24PM | 0 recs
I wish he had gone off-script
what he wanted most, was to not give the speech that everyone else was giving

I really wish he had tossed aside the script, said screw it, and spoke from the heart.  After all he's done for Kerry, what were they going to do to him if he didn't follow the script?

All that talk about giving Dean credit it is just that, lip service.  DNC doesn't get it at all.

And I do not want him to end up in a Kerry cabinet.  He needs to stay on the outside so he can be a pain in Kerry's ass when the time comes.  Which, I figure, will be about 6 months after Kerry takes office.

by KimPossible 2004-07-29 07:36AM | 0 recs


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