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Chris recently wrote a great piece about a new counter-culture hitting the mainstream, and suggested that this new counter-culture is left-wing.  While I wouldn't disagree, it seems that the counter-culture is also more grassroots and organic, filling niches that weren't filled before.  The reason this causes left-wing culture germination is because the left has been starved out of other channels, and so acts like a weed growing between concrete.

But the same forces undergirding left-wing grassroots culture are causing right-wing culture to grow, especially where the right is starved.  Red State is one example.  But youth culture is another - there is little good programming for youth (on the right or the left), and so the right is using this as an opportunity to cry 'liberal media' and create an explicitly partisan channel for youth. This is on top of all the new punk/hip hip Christian stuff that is apparently very popular.  MTV is a lot like mainstream media - as a force it is liberal on social policies, but intensely consumerist and elitist in a way that reinforces authoritarianism.  The grassroots energy is there for a successful youth channel, partisanship notwithstanding.  Even if the U Channel doesn't work (and it should if it takes advantage of newly media literate youth), this channel will force MTV to the right - MTV spokespeople are already quivering about how they are balanced in their news coverage.  

So this new counter culture stuff works both ways.

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Right Counter-Culture
I would far perfer competing against the right-wingers you describe than the existing GOP, so I wish them all good luck in their efforts.
by Chris Bowers 2004-07-22 09:11AM | 0 recs


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