Leaked Memos from Fox News

Wonkette has posted around thirty Fox News Memos released to reporters by people associated with Outfoxed(now #1 on Amazon). Because of their enormity, I have not reproduced them all here. However, in the extended copy, I have selected some of the juiciest bits. Read all of them at Wonkette.

Update (Jerome): I just want to put one of them on the front page here. I want to see John Moody go on FOX News and explain to the family of the soldier killed on 3/25 that he's not the "real story" but instead, just a "temporary tragedy". That one made my blood boil. How could anyone view a soldiers death, which rips apart a family network for life, so casual?

From: John Moody
Date: 3/25/2004
As is often the case, the real news is Iraq is being obscured by temporary tragedy. The creation of a defense ministry, which will be run by Iraqis, is a major step forward in the country's redevelopment. Let's look at that, as well as the deaths of a US soldier in a roadside bombing.
From: John Moody
Date: 5/9/2003
Let's spend a good deal of time on the battle over judicial nominations, which the President will address this morning. Nominees who both sides admit are qualified are being held up because of their POSSIBLE, not demonstrated, views on one issue -- abortion. This should be a trademark issue for FNC today and in the days to come. (...)

From: John Moody
Date: 6/2/2003
Heads of state don't leave G-8 meetings early unless they have good reasons. President Bush has two: he has to get to Egypt, and he doesn't like the French. Let's explain to viewers that despite the tepid handshake, Bush and Chirac are far from reconciled, as are the US and Germany. The early departure from Evian should take the sparkle out of the bottled water spa.

We have good perp walk video of Eric Rudolph which we should use. We should NOT assume that anyone who supported or helped Eric Rudolph is a racist. No one's in favor of murder or bombing of public places. But feelings in North Carolina may just be more complicated than the NY Times can conceive. Two style notes: Rudolph is charged with bombing an abortion clinic, not a "health clinic." (...)

From: John Moody
Date: 6/3/2003
The president is doing something that few of his predecessors dared undertake: putting the US case for mideast peace to an Arab summit. It's a distinctly skeptical crowd that Bush faces. His political courage and tactical cunning are worth noting in our reporting through the day. (...)

From: John Moody
Date: 3/12/2004
For our purposes, as a story, it's very important to know whether ETA or Al Qaeda was responsible for the Madrid bombings. For the victims the distinction is minimal. Terrorism is international, and the United States is the leader of the coalition to stamp it out. That's the tone we want to impart throughout the day. We are beefing up our staffing there and will stay with the story through the weekend. (...)

Kofi Annan always defended the UN's oil for food program in the runup to the Iraq war. Now it appears his son may have had a role in the company that ran the program, which as we now know was used by Saddam to buy cooperation from influential people. Eric Shawn is pieces together the puzzle.

From: John Moody
Date: 3/16/2004
ERic Shawn will take us through the labyrinth of the UN oil for food program, which is beginning to shine light on the role of SecGen Kofi Annan's son. Can the UN reach a consensus on a scandal in its midst?

The president meets the PM of the Netherlands and talks about healthcare.

Kerry, starting to feel the heat for his flip-flop voting record, is in West Virginia. There's a near-meaningless primary in Illinois.

From: John Moody
Date: 3/23/2004

Attention mice: the cat is back.(...)

The so-called 9/11 commission has already been meeting.

From: John Moody
Date: 3/24/2004
For everyone's information, the hotel where our Baghdad bureau is housed was hit by some kind of explosive device overnight. ALL FOX PERSONNEL ARE OK. The incident is a reminder of the danger our colleagues in Baghdad face, day in and day out. Please offer a prayer of thanks for their safety to whatever God you revere (and let the ACLU stick it where the sun don't shine).

As the witness list indicates, today is likely to be the apex of the so-called 9/11 commission hearings. Tenet, Clarke, and Clinton NSC advisor Berger all testify. We will carry their statements, along with he Q&A, live. Remember that while there are obvious political implications for Bush, the commission is looking at eight years of the Clinton Administration versus eight months (the time prior to 9/11 that Bush was in office) for the incumbent.

We also have an interview with chief of staff Andrew Card from Fox and Friends, where he makes the administration's case on the hearings and other things.(...)

SCOTUS considers if students can be required to say the pledge of allegiance, including the words "under God." The case is on of the more significant ones the court will have before it this session.

From: John Moody
Date: 3/25/2004
As is often the case, the real news is Iraq is being obscured by temporary tragedy. The creation of a defense ministry, which will be run by Iraqis, is a major step forward in the country's redevelopment. Let's look at that, as well as the deaths of a US soldier in a roadside bombing.

From: John Moody
Date: 3/26/2004
Kofi Annan will announce a top level investigation into the oil for food scandal in which his son is a player. How can the investigation get anywhere when it's run by the father of one of the probe's targets?

The LAci and Conner Act passed the Senate and the Prez will sign it. What does this mean for law enforcement and what does it say about the status of the unborn?

From: John Moody
Date: 3/31/2004
The INTl Court of Justice ruling against the US is something that many americans might find offensive. We'll take a look at just what this court is, and what gives it the right to tell US courts what to do with death row prisoners.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/1/2004
The pictures show in the Times and NY Post today of the dead American contractors are exactly what we chose NOT to use yesterday. Please don't get sucked into this taste race to the bottom.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/4/2004
MONDAY UPDATE: Into Fallujah: It's called Operation Vigilant Resolve and it began Monday morning (NY time) with the US and Iraqi military surrounding Fallujah. We will cover this hour by hour today, explaining repeatedly why it is happening. It won't be long before some people start to decry the use of "excessive force." We won't be among that group.

The continuing carnage in Iraq -- mostly the deaths of seven US troops in Sadr City -- is leaving the American military little choice but to punish perpetrators. When this happens, we should be ready to put in context the events that led to it. More than 600 US military dead, attacks on the UN headquarters last year, assassination of Irai officials who work with the coalition, the deaths of Spanish troops last fall, the outrage in Fallujah: whatever happens, it is richly deserved.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/5/04
More Americans dead in Iraq, as the military pursues Operation Vigilant Resolve in Fallujah and elsewhere. In Najaf, the anti-American cleric is hold up in a mosque with fighters around him.

The oil for food story being fronted by Eric Shawn is potentially a huge development. We have to be sure of each step, but if it works out, it will be a lede story after Iraq.

Air America, featuring Al Franken and other liberals, got on the air last week, but at what cost? Well, in New York, it took the place of an ethnic show. In LA, it knocked off a Korean program. And in CHicago,a spanish language broadcast was replaced. None of these people are happy.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/6/2004
The events in Iraq Tuesday are going to be the top story, unless and until something else (or worse) happens. Err on the side of doing too much Iraq rather than not enough. Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of US lives and asking out loud why are we there? The US is in Iraq to help a country brutalized for 30 years protect the gains made by Operation Iraqi Freedom and set it on the path to democracy. Some people in Iraq don't want that to happen. That is why American GIs are dying. And what we should remind our viewers.(...)

The hearing on Rush Limbaugh's medical records could be a death blow to the case against him. If the 3 judge panel rules that his doctor's records cannot be used bythe prosecution, the case is likely to go away. Orlando Salinas will be available for lives all day.

Eric Shawn will have another day of Oil for Food lives, to coincide with congressional hearings on the topic. It's possible Kofi Annan will offer some additional information on what was going on at the UN. Either way, Eric will have new, and possibly exclusive information.

fyi, and thanks to the DC bureau, here's part of what senate foreign affairs committee chairman richard lugar will say:


From: John Moody
Date: 4/20/2004
The inconsistencies in the Woodward book are beginning to mount to the point of questioning the accuracy of the Watergate hero's latest tome. Brian Wilson is looking through the book, what was said, and what's been denied and what's just plain wrong.(...)

It should be obvious that we are working hard on the oil for food scandal story at the UN. Please be disposed to use stories on this topic, rather than not.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/21/2004
The Oil for Food hearings are a turning point in a story that Fox has been pursuing diligently for weeks. Claudia Rossett, a former WSJ writer who has become a paid contributor to Fox, is among the witnesses testifying today. Label her just that way: Former Wall Street Journal reporter/Fox News Contributor.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/22/2004
More serious and more important is the US military's end of waiting game for Fallujah. If, as promised, the coalition decides to take Fallujah back by force, it will not be for lack of opportunities for terrorists holed up there to negotiate. Let's not get lost in breast-beating about the sadness of the loss of life. They had a chance.(...)

The National Education Association -- the NEA -- is supposedly neutral on the topic of abortion. Why then is it a co sponsor of Saturday's pro choice march in DC. Herridge has lives.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/23/2004
Oil For Food, a story Fox News and the WSJ alone have kept front and center, may be approaching a new critical stage. Benon Sevan, the former head of the program, has returned to New York from his travels. Jonathan Hunt will track the story and Mr. Sevan's movements. Be careful what we say here. He hasn't been convicted yet, but he is a central figure in a mysterious set of circumstances.

The Moussaoui trial will proceed, a major victory for federal prosecutors and a boost for the judicial arm of the war on terror.

How does Hamas operate in the US? It buys apartment buildings for one thing. Catherine Herridge has the tale of Hamas Heights.(...)

At the Vatican, which operates behind closed doors, Catholic theologians are discussing the moral responsibility of lawmakers who claim to be Catholics. While John Kerry's name will probably never be mentioned specifically, the debate includes is candidacy.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/26/2004
Ribbons or medals? Which did John Kerry throw away after he returned from Vietnam. This may become an issue for him today. His perceived disrespect for the military could be more damaging to the candidate than questions about his actions in uniform.(...)

We'll do some lives about the San Francisco District Attorney who refuses to seek the death penalty for a man accused of killing a police officer with an AK-47. Law enforcement officials are displeased, to say the least.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/27/2004
Lots of things to look at today:

TUESDAY UPDATE: Let's not overdo the appearances by Kerry's swiftboat mate John O'Neil. While his appearances so far have been OK, he represents one side of the 30 year recollections of what Kerry did, or didn't do, in uniform. Other people have different recollections.

Fighting overnight in Najaf didn't go the way the militants there had hoped. Reports say 43 of them were killed, with no US casualties being reported. This is one of the few times we've gotten a count of enemy dead. Let's use that to make the point what happens when terrorists take on the coalition.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/28/2004
Also, let's refer to the US marines we see in the foreground as "sharpshooters" not snipers, which carries a negative connotation.(...)

Do not ignore the Oil for Food story, please. Fox News is making steady progress in investigating what could be, without exaggeration, the biggest ripoff of all time, the House Intl Relations committee holds more hearings today.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/29/2004
The president and VP are MEETING with the 9/11 commission. They are NOT testifying before it as did witnesses last week. It is an important distinction that we need to make.

While that is going on, John Kerry addresses the Black Mayors conference in Philly. We should take some of that live, until it reverts to stump stuff.

From: John Moody
Date: 4/30/04 7:45:04
A story of much greater import in the long run: the influence of radical imams in Europe. Abu Hamza is only the best known of these hate mongers, who have been give much wider rein in Europe than they would even enjoy in their home countries. Kellogg has the goods. Use her.

The President and the PM of Canada meet today and will make remarks at midday. Take the remarks, even if Jacko is singing on top of a truck with no pants on at the time.

Should food stamp recipients be allowed to buy junk food with their government-subsidized coupons? The governor of Minnesota thinks not. Steve Brown's on the case of the taxpayer and the twinkie.

From: John Moody
Date: 5/5/2004
We'll plan on taking Giuliani's comments on the war on terror at the Council on Foreign Relations. Leventhal will front the story.

Thursday update: the pictures from Abu Graeb prison are disturbing. They have rightly provoked outrage. Today we have a picture -- aired on Al Arabiya -- of an American hostage being held with a scarf over his eyes, clearly against his will. Who's outraged on his behalf?

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