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After the success of last month's $25M ad buy, Kerry is still spending strong with another $17M buy this month. He is also on the air in another new state, Virginia, which has been slowly trending Democrat since 1988. He also has a new ad, which you can view here.

I think its a pretty good ad--not bad for a thirty-second spot in June. It probably will not have the same powerful impact of the last two ads, but you cannot run on biography forever. The ad is thin on specifics, but a thirty-scond spot is not the place for a position paper. I think it builds reasonably well on what he has done so far, and should put him in a strong position by the end of the month. His campaign seems to be this: strong background, strong character, and a proud American with some good solutions to big problems Bush does not even want to solve.

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Hope and Positive are Good
at this point in the campaign, Kerry's ad is "just right".

The next five months are gonna be hell (for the impatient, like me)

by JimPortlandOR 2004-06-01 05:22PM | 0 recs


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