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There was a planned migration from server to server for Daily Kos, it was supposed to happen a few days ago, but didn't occur till last night. Daily Kos is back up now, and Markos plans to respond to John Kerry, and and the recent developments.

As for my take, it's almost as if Dick Bell's Kerry PR blog is trying to have a Sista Soulja moment with the netroots. Problem is, we were never sista's to begin with. I met with some of Kerry's internet team a few days ago in DC, where they layed out their 'vision' of Kerry's internet campaign. All I have to say is, you can't build a vision if you are blind to the roots.

What Kerry's blog has done is bend to the will of radical fringe right of the blogosphere (the one's who will use deaths in Iraq for their own partisan gain). The rightwing blogosphere is right this moment undergoing a coordinated email campaign to every part of the Democratic establishment, beating them into a submissive dismissal of Daily Kos, because of one offhand comment made, which Kos had already retracted. First the advertisers, then John Kerry. What's next, the DSCC, the DNC and the DCCC blogroll? You think the wingnuts will be satisfied then? No, they'll just go after the next link, and the next blogger.

That's what this is about. Just as in the past, when many in the Democratic establishment routinely would dis Jesse Jackson, Sista Soulja or some other African American leader, to gain favor with the right; now we have a Democratic leader dissing the blogosphere for bringing up a legitimate issue (the use of mercenaries in US combat), because Kos used unfortunate language in framing the debate with an blog comment, and the rightwing attacks. Fine, let Kos address the offhand comment again, and then let's talk about the issue of whether the US should be using mercenaries in Iraq.

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 I still can't get the site to come up, is there some new secret address of which I am unaware?

As far as Kerry goes, the one question I have is who actually made the decision to pull the link, was it Kerry or one of the site administrators. I also found this little disclaimer on the DCCC blog underneath their blogroll:

(Opinions Expressed by these sites are not necessarily those held by us. So don't even try to blame us for things they say. It will just make you look lame. Seriously.)

If it works for them, it ought to work for Kerry.

P.S. is the HTML different here than on Kos. I don't seem to be able to get blockquotes to work properly.

by bigring55t 2004-04-04 08:58AM | 0 recs
dns making its round probably
yea, blockquotes is one of those things on the list.  Right, that sort of disclaimer is all that's needed.  They've (Kerry's PR blog) now linked themselves to having to police every single website they link to, and make sure it's on message.  They might as well delete all their links.
by Jerome Armstrong 2004-04-04 09:10AM | 0 recs
It's made Kerry completely liable for any statement cirulating on the internet, since all sites are linked if you look hard enough.

BTW, in Firefox had to clear the cache in order to get Kos to load.

by bigring55t 2004-04-04 10:33AM | 0 recs
Wedging the Internet Dollars
Well, there is certainly plenty of stupidity to spread around this incident. The Republican's attack on Herseth's "secret website" obviously had more to it than first met the eye. They must have been waiting to pounce on the first mistep by a prominent blogger. The "secret website" schtick was obviously just a precursor to the main attack. Typical of them to pick somebody the mainstream of the Democratic Party does not love. I mean no offense to Kos; but being a vocal supporter of Howard Dean will not have won him much love with TeamKerry.

The Republicans must have been worried about the amount of money Democrats have been raising over the internet. Their behaviour towards the 527 shows that they will do anything to shut out the Left's voice. Forcing a falling out between the the Internet Left and the Democrats is just what they want.

What the Kerry Campaign did was political cowardice. My worry about the Kerry campaign was that they are suseptible to being stiffed by the Republican's wedge move. It would seem that that is the case.

by RogueTrooper 2004-04-04 09:11AM | 0 recs
Site's up...
I've got it open in another window.

RE: The pulling of support for dKos...it's stuff like this that makes me despair of the Democratic party. It pretty much makes me despair of the Republicans too, but I kind of expect it, for the most part...but the Dem's keep trying to define themselves as open-minded, reasonable, willing to work for compromise, willing to work to protect and defend those unable to do it for themselves. Not that Kos needs that kind of protection, but why, oh why, would I want to financially support a party that not only hasn't got the balls to stand up to the right on important issues, but caves to them on minor crapola? Every penny I've sent to the DNC has been at Kos' or Dean's behest...I think that will be over.

What Kos said wasn't necessarily stupid, it was the way he said it that rolled it into the gaffe it's become. As someone with two family members currently serving, I can regret those deaths, but I'm equally outraged that there are "security contractor's" being paid outrageous sums while service men and woment and reservists are struggling to survive both literally and economically.

We're gonna whip through that $87 billion pretty fast at $30K per contractor/per month...

by common veil 2004-04-04 09:15AM | 0 recs
What to do with your money
If you support Kos's right to say what he thinks, donate to the campaigns that stuck with him, and make sure they know where it's coming from. Loyalty is a two way street, and some people in our party have to learn that.
by rusty 2004-04-04 10:12AM | 0 recs
Kerry Cowardice
I didn't want Kerry to be the nominee because I thought he was a spineless waffler & he wouldn't stand up to Bush, the GOP , or the VRWC. He keeps saying that he will, but he never does. This act, capitulating to a right wing email attack, proves every bad thing I have thought about Kerry. How many of these emailers will be donating money and/or voting for Kerry? You can't win if you run scared, pander to your opponents & blame attack your supporters for exercising their rights as Americans.

These horrific attacks remind us of the viciousness of the enemies of Iraq's future.

This quote comes straight from the Bush Bible. Like Bush, Kerry needs to admit he was wrong about Iraq. He's beating up on Kos to hide the fact that he was & is wrong about Iraq. He has no better vision than Bush does about how to handle the problems of Iraq in particular & the Mideast in general if he is going to reduce the situation to the Us v. Them; Good v. Evil; & anyone criticizing US policy should be censored. Also, he is letting the right wing set the terms of debates. Reducing the incident to a platitude ignores some important issues.

  1. The presence of mercenaries in Iraq. How does that help Iraq's future as a democracy? Why are we paying corporate soldiers more than government soldiers? What are they doing & to whom are they accountable?
  2. If the killings were actually in retaliation for Israel's killing of Hamas leader Yassin, then what do they have to do with Iraq's future? What do the have to do with Israel & Palestine's future?
  3. What about how the US is perceived in the world? Wouldn't it be better for Kerry to fashion a policy to actually improve perceptions of the US worldwide, based upon acknowledging the reality of how the US is perceived instead of adopting the Bush method of forcing a make believe image of the US down everyone's throat?
The only thing Kerry has going for him right now is 1. Bush is engaged in a perfect storm of duplicity & incompetence & 2. Kerry is not Bush.

PS: I'm so glad you are back Jerome. You are right, Kerry's site should link to nothing if they are that obsessed with controlling other people's right to free speech.

by Hoosiercat 2004-04-04 09:17AM | 0 recs
It will happen again.

Here's my take, from a birds eye view of what this means in terms of blogs.

by Matt Stoller 2004-04-04 09:43AM | 0 recs
good post
I think this is the best analysis of the whole dKos fiasco I have seen so far.  I think the two main questions for those of us who are committed to the blogosphere that have been raised by Kos' situation are:
1) How do we maintain the level of open and honest discourse that is, I believe, one of the greatest assets of sites like dKos without completely shutting down each time (and there will be more) someone is offended by a comment?
and 2) Will the response of the Kerry team and those Congressional candidates to pull their ads from and links to dKos cause the blogging community to abandon support for these candidates?

I'm not sure how I would answer the first question myself.  I think Kos was raising an excellent point that was soured by his extremely poor choice of vocabulary, but now I see that point completely lost in this debate.  What about the role of mercenaries in Iraq?  why does it take a particularly gruesome event to alert us to their presence? and why do we deem the lives of u.s. civilians more important than the lives of u.s. soliders, which are more important than the lives of iraqis?  These are all people who lost their lives because of dubya's stupid, stupid war.

As for my second question, I was personally upset that Kerry pulled his ad from dKos, but I will still support him, vote for him, give money to him, etc.  My personal love for dKos should not prevent me from doing something that will improves the lives of nearly every single person in the world, namely replacing Bush with Kerry.  I don't expect the Kerry campaign to do everything I want them to do, and I especially don't think that holding a grudge against them will help.

The right-wing is clearly worried about the blogosphere.  They saw what effect it had on the Dean, Clark, and even Kucinich campaigns.  They saw the Q1 Kerry fundraising numbers.  They see the six figure donation totals on the sides of dKos and Atrios.  Don't let these attacks change the agenda, the left-wing grassroots need to grow and Kos is a damn good gardener.

Thanks for listening to me ramble....

by deadguy 2004-04-04 11:10AM | 0 recs

I can't get on the site.  What's the deal?

by Melanie 2004-04-04 10:18AM | 0 recs
Welcome back
You were the first blog I put in my browser's favorites folder. It's good to have you back.

The latest edition of the Republican Jesus cartoon at my blog, addresses the mercenary issue. Yes, I'm blog whoring--something I don't do a lot--but I'm pretty angry about this issue.

by patriotboy 2004-04-04 11:48AM | 0 recs
Atrios and Talkleft
Are backing Kos, thank goodness.  Atrios asked the Kerry campaign not to link to him.  That's appropriate.  I was glad to see Jeralyn dish out a shame on you to the fellow Dems who piled on to Kos.  

Btw - I still can't access dailykos.

by kelly 2004-04-04 01:01PM | 0 recs
A tip that should work:
Try clearing your cache out and restarting your browser.
by ct 2004-04-04 01:40PM | 0 recs
They need to be careful what they wish for.
We will all be here long after they go home.
by vachon 2004-04-04 01:41PM | 0 recs
thank god
skippy is supporting kos, too!


funny we didn't hear any rightist hue and cry when little green footballs made fun of the shooting death of rachel corrie, the american peace activist killed by israeli bulldozer drivers in the palestinian territories.  


why didn't prof. reynolds say that charles does himself no credit gloating over ms. corrie's death?

by skippy 2004-04-04 01:50PM | 0 recs
We Need You
I recently posted at Dean Nation (http://dean2004.blogspot.com/2004_04_04_dean2004_archive.html#108111298009635548) on the need for Dean Democrats to return to the task of giving hte Democratic Party backbone.

We let this idiot Kerry alone for two weeks and he loses his completely.

I would like your help. Drop me a note.

by Dana Blankenhorn 2004-04-04 04:24PM | 0 recs
I had my doubts about another Massachusetts "Liberal" (Liberal IS NOT a bad word) ala Dukakis losing this election.

Then I read and heard more about John Kerry and found him to be a Fighter.

Now, his campaign has shown that it has weak knees and we have seven months to Go!

Mr. Kerry needs to personally apologize to Kos and restore the Link (add the disclaimer, as suggested above).

Otherwise, John Kery has already Lost the Election.

by ROGNM 2004-04-04 06:44PM | 0 recs
nice DD site
Your atrios posts always have good merit.

  Kos statements were the result of growing up in a central american mercenary state. Mercs from El Salvador died today. Valid irony comparison.

   Kerry had to sidestep this, it is the stuff Rove goes after. He will twist emotion and truth. Blogs got Kos' slack and we'll be all right.

   Torture squads are all over Iraq right now, led on by Chalabi's informant network that lied about WMD and  can cover tracks via murder to prevent follow-up. State sponsored terror, that is making moderate Sunnis hostile was well. This is a big time bomb waiting to go off.

   This is  McCarthie tactics all over on the domestic front. A billion a week got us how many  "civilian casualties" as the mercs are termed? McCarthie was huffing rhetoric while the CIA was wedging Ike and JFK into wars. Venezuela, Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan all are the result of these wonderful policies.

   The provisional authority uses former Saddam commanders and laws, we are now doing the dirty work we villified. Torture chambers for interrogation are a fact, supplied by our tax money to the Mercs. Clever loophole for Geneva that kills and rapes all over Iraq.

   The kos site probably got so many  hits and hack attempts and  fakeriot act coimplaints we'll all be under the micorscope. Rove will pay dirtmongers to fake  their allegiance and  post bomb comments as reverse spin also.

   Do not run and hide, hitler  used  gains like this to take over media. Mussolini was a paper editor himself.

   "I didn't say anything when they took the Unions away... I didn't say anything when they took the Jews away..." that famous argument quote needs to be applied here.

   What dissent groups were jailed for their differences at different times can be applied to this? Women, Minorities come to mind. It is time to draw the line for the "with or against" crowd and  remind the middle class of the sacrifice we made across generations.

    Frist amendment rights are their ideal, First Amendment Liberties are ours.

by Mr Murder 2004-04-04 08:44PM | 0 recs
unlink Kerry, save Kos
My position on Kos: He said a dumb thing, then apologized. I think he deserves benefit of the doubt given his history. End of story. Kos most vocal critics are unwilling to grant him that benefit, but they do so from the cover of pseudonymity and thus are immune from being held accountable to the same standard. I, for one, welcome the implicit acknowledgement that the Left is held to a higher moral standard than the Right. We may, as a group, fail to meet it, but it speaks well of the expectations.

Like Kos himself, I can't fault the Kos advertisers for pulling their ads. Running for office is a complex political calculus, which it is pointless to pretend doesn't exist. As Kos keeps saying, don't punish those who withdraw, reward those who stay - such as Jeff Seeman. For the record, Dean Nation is ready to accept any ad from any candidate.

In fact I will make it a policy that Dean Nation will allow free advertising - from Democrats or Republicans alike - who also place a paid ad on Daily Kos AND link to Daily Kos from their blogroll section. (A link to us would also be nice, but not neccessary). I encourage all Dean Nationals to spread the word on the various other liberal blogs about this policy.

As Jerome points out, the Kerry weblog team has burdened themselves with the responsibility of policing every weblog on their blogroll for potential exploitation by the Right. They are welcome to their burden. I however suggest that the proper response is to de-link the Kerry blog from as many liberal blogrolls as possible - a slap on Kerry's wrist, so to speak.

Further I advise all blogs listed on the Kerry blogroll to write to the campaign and request that their link be removed, following Atrios's example.  

Finally, I will continue to support Kerry by linking to his contribution page, but I will no longer use my Kerry Team link. The only Contribute link to Kerry's campaign that I will promote on my blogs is via Daily Kos. In my opinion, it would be best if ALL blogsphere donations to Kerry were done solely through the Kos link. I enocurae any other liberal bloggers to add the following Donate! link to their pages if they agree:

Save Kos! Fund Kerry

(cross-posted to Dean Nation)

by azizhp 2004-04-05 05:41AM | 0 recs


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