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I posted on this in detail over on Daily Kos earlier today, and Markos followed up with further research from David Sirota, but what I'm interested in seeing, is if the military families ramp up the outrage, they should. And it's happening, from the Air Force Times staff writer, Gordon Trowbridge:

Among Sinclair's ABC stations is one in Asheville, N.C., where some family members of servicemembers killed in Iraq said the company's decision is misguided.

"That's ridiculous," Beth Whitener told the Asheville Citizen-Times. Whitener's husband, 19-year-old Army Pfc. Joey Whitener was killed Nov. 15 when two Black Hawk helicopters crashed in Mosul, Iraq.

"I think it' s more than appropriate to show those faces because they were over there fighting for our freedom. I think they have a right to be honored and shown on TV."

Brenda Franklin, whose husband, Army Staff Sgt. Bobby Franklin, 38, was killed in August in an explosion in Baghdad, said the public needs to see the faces of the soldiers who have died in Iraq.

"We have paid a lot," she told the newspaper. "My family has paid a lot. I think everybody needs to see the faces."

Pretty easy to tell that Sinclair Broadcasting Group is heading for a blowup in their face. Shit, the Air Force is putting the contact info for Sinclair on their website: Nightline’s decision has come under criticism from some conservative commentators for the decision to read the names. Koppel, who was embedded with the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division during its drive to Baghdad last year, was widely praised by television critics for providing some of the most compelling coverage of the war.

Sinclair, based in Hunt Valley, Md., owns 62 television stations across the country. Its Web site is; its phone number is (410) 568-1500.

Viewers who want to give feedback to ABC News can call the network at (212) 456-7777 or e-mail

Now, I get the slight slant that "conservative" in its usage there is more pejorative than allied, and Koppel the latter.

And, is the email of the guy there at SBG who makes decisions.

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Remember the 9/11 tribute?
After 9/11 there was a tribute to those who died. They spent all day reading the names of the victims of terrorism. Why should the deaths of these men and women be any different? Suppsedly, they are fighting terrorism, right? Read them, remember them, honor them. Makes perfect sense.
by Mister 2004-04-29 07:25PM | 0 recs


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