South Dakota Update

Matt Stoller also writes for BOPnews.

Tim Giago, a Native American activist running against Tom Daschle for Senate as an independent, dropped out of the race. This is good news, although keeping this seat will still be tough.

When Tim Giago, a native of the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, decided to run for the Senate as an independent, he did more than shake up the state's tight, closely watched race between Senate Democratic leader Thomas A. Daschle and John Thune, a former Republican representative.

He made South Dakota's Indian Country the focal point of the campaign.

Daschle, who had the most to lose from Giago's run, now has the most to gain. After a meeting with Daschle on Saturday, Giago, a nationally syndicated columnist and advocate for Indian causes, said he is withdrawing and throwing his weight behind the Democrat.

Giago, founder of the Lakota Journal and Pueblo Journal, said in an interview Monday: "I laid out what is considered most important to the tribes of South Dakota. I went there as a sounding bell for them. And Tom listened."

I'm not a Nader-basher. Still, Ralph, this is how you influence the national dialogue.

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I had leaned this to Thune earlier, that's switched.
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