flash, tv, a blogpac update, and a movie

OK, you got your choice of flash, a TV ad, or a movie for tonight on this open thread.

First, here's The Monster Slash by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund; second, DFA has a new site out, RetireTomDeLay.com, with a hard-hitting ad that's going after Tom DeLay (this one too), airing in the Houston TV market.... "I AM the federal government," says Tom DeLay (the nasty bug man).

BlogPac.org update: We are about to launch www.IraqDraft.com, and also launching is www.EnjoyTheDraft.com, adding to the Internet rumors about the truth; tomorrow, we should have the video ad that's being placed throughout Ohio beginning on Thursday through the election.  Also, I'm getting lots of nasty emails from wingers in Oklahoma about the Coburn Mess ad-- a testimony to it's effectiveness.

Also, greatest hits night... if you get the opportunity, go and see Going Up River, about John Kerry before Vietnam, during, and after (or buy the DVD out now). It's very powerful-- I was moved, and I'm about as cynical as there has been about John Kerry during the primaries. You can also watch the movie from where you are right now, here (Quicktime). John Kerry is going to be a great President if we make his election happen.

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